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She's Here!!!!

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18-Mar-11 3:07 pm

Hi Everyone in April! I had my little girl Tuesday, 3/15 @ 35 wk & 6days. I went into labor in the morning. I thought it was just false so I hung around the house until my hubbie made me go to the hospital to be checked. Thank god he did! Cervix was gone, water broke 10 minutes after being there and then I started bleeding. Turns out I was having a placenta abruption. I was taken to surgery immediantly and she was born minutes later. Poor Dh was not even allowed to see the birth since they did not have time to get him! Cara Adele weighed 5lbs.10 oz and was 18 3/4 inches long. She spent 6 hours in the NICU only because it was hospital policy for those that are not quite 36 weeks along. After that she came back to the room with me. We are now home and we are doing so good! I'm so in love!!!  I hope my story gives anyone that has to deliver a bit early a positive story to think about. I'm really amazed at how well all went for an almost 36 week old! Good luck to the rest of the April ladies!!!!

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18-Mar-11 3:09 pm

wow she is so cute Love Ya! Congrats on your baby girl,

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18-Mar-11 3:09 pm

One more photo from day 2

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18-Mar-11 3:10 pm
Congrats!!!  She's adorable! Hope you have a speedy recovery!

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18-Mar-11 3:13 pm

She looks like she is smiling in the first pic.  Sweet little girl!  Congrats to you!!

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18-Mar-11 3:20 pm

 Aww.. Congrats!! she is just precious

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18-Mar-11 4:27 pm

Wow congratulations she is beautiful!  Can't believe the babies have started arriving now sooo exciting!  Enjoy your little girl  Baby Bear Girlxxxxx

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18-Mar-11 4:52 pm
Oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS!!! I had ds1 at 36 weeks and he was fine as well. I'm so happy all went well for you and you got to meet your little girl already!!

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18-Mar-11 5:23 pm

omgoodness she so adorable and beautiful and glad everything whent ok and she healthy baby , gives me hope that if i have my daughter she be ok

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18-Mar-11 5:52 pm

She is so darling, I'm getting baby fever just looking at those pics. Congrats!

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18-Mar-11 8:12 pm

Congratulations on your darling baby girl!  And here I thought it was almost too early to get that birth announcement post up for April Moms :-)  You proved me wrong!!!

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18-Mar-11 8:39 pm

 Congrats!!! Happy Celebrate

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18-Mar-11 9:53 pm

 She is sooo beautiful! Congrats Happy Celebrate

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18-Mar-11 10:18 pm

 Wow... so tiny - so gorgeous. Congratulations :) Flower

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18-Mar-11 10:22 pm
She's perfect, and so tiny!! She really does look like she's smiling in the first photo! Congratulations!

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