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Regular BD or abstinance? (worried about age) - opinions please

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16-Mar-11 9:38 am

Hi all.  We're TTC pink again next month (following 6 wk m/c having taken 12mths for BFP - was trying cut off and kept missing Ov completely). 

Having read SO much info, our decision has come down to:
a) Regular BD (at least daily) from AF to O, try for a 3 day cutoff (very difficult to do as my Ov varies by 1-7 days every month, and my CBFM doesn't always give me 'HIGH' days, just 'PEAK')
b) 0+12 abstain for 7 days and BD 0+12 - if I can work out the exact moment of Ov that is Happy

Got 2 main worries: 
DH is 42 and I've read that abstaining in older men COULD damage sperm & cause defects (is 42 classed as older?)
I'm 39 and I've read that an 'old' egg (ie 0+12) COULD cause abnormalities but not much research has been done

Do we go for option a) or b)?  OR I came up with option c) which was regular 'release' and then try 0+12 (assuming the 'old' egg is actually ok)

Obviously the utmost priority is a healthy baby, but we would like to sway too.  Would really appreciate any opinions, as I'm driving myself (and DH) crazy.  Confused Huh?  

Thank you in advance!!! xx