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Replens/rephresh? Can they both be used?

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16-Mar-11 9:23 am

Hi all!  I've read lots of info on the above, but the most recent was: Rephresh has a ph of 4.5-5 and will ensure the environment stays that way (will reduce to 4.5-5 if ph rises) and will last for 3 days (and should be used 3 days before).  Replens has a ph of 2.8, will last 3 days but does get diluted by CM and semen which may raise ph, can use 3 days before, day before and an hour b4 BD.

My ov dates are irregular, so i'm concerned if I use rephresh and it doesn't end up being 3 days - maybe 4 or 5 before Ov (CBFM sometimes only shows 'PEAK' and not the 'HIGH' days run up), can I then use Replens on the day of BD, or shouldn't these two items be used together?

Thanks!  xx