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Swayed and now pregnant


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15-Mar-11 3:17 pm
Hi i'm a mother of 4 lovely boys and we have just swayed for our little girl, this is going to be my last pregnancy so fingers crossed. I got the bfp last week and am due 13th November (remembrance Sunday here in the UK) I had really bad GD after my third little boy, it took me along time to come to terms with another boy and to be honest it's still not 100% at times and he's 3 already, luckily although I was upset when I found out no 4 was another boy the pregnancy wasn't planned for that time, so as soon as I discovered I was pregnant I just told myself, whatever it is, there is a reason for me having them and I think that helped. I know this is going to be a long hard road but am excited even if it is another boy at least I will always know I tried everything possible for us, we just cannot afford to take the hi tech route. It's more exciting as my sister is pregnant with her 1st baby, which she hopes is a girl, she keeps telling me she's sorry if it's a girl even though I'v told her it wouldn't be her fault, I'm nervous about telling her though as we'v always waited till after the 1st trimester when we know things are ok to let people know but when we see everyone it will be only a month before her due date and I don't want her to think im taking away her thunder. She's coming to visit us tomorrow for the week so don't know if I should just let her know early? I'm slightly worried aswell as apart from some pains in my breast I'v had NO pregnancy symptoms which just isn't like me, i'm normally being ill by this point or feeling really tiered but have nothing like that at the moment and am trying not to read too much into it as we are still in the very early stages