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13-Mar-11 11:40 am

IG members, we need your help! As you're probably already aware, the site is having some serious maintenance issues. We can't fix the main problems, but there are things that we can all do to minimize them.

1. Please do not repost a thread if you get an error message until you have checked the main page of the forum to be sure that it hasn't gone through. Because pictures sometimes aren't attaching and many attempts to post seem to generate an error message, the forum can get flooded with duplicate posts. That greater volume of posts only worsens the issues we're already experiencing.

2. We have gone through periods when we cannot seem to attach photos. No one is quite sure why it happens, nor is it something the Forum Leaders can fix. If you're having trouble attaching a photo and want to keep trying, please edit your initial post to attach the photo again. Reposting will not help. Probably your best bet is to use a photo hosting site like or to host your photos, and provide the link here.

3. Please do not create new threads to discuss the same scan. Again, this increases the volume of posts and worsens the maintenance issues. It isn't in your best interests either, because then people don't have as much information to answer with as they would if all of your photos, videos, and replies are together.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience. These same problems that are limiting the functionality of the forum are hampering the Forum Leaders from cleaning up or combining all the duplicate or unnecessary threads. As such, it's become very time-consuming to maintain the forums, leaving us with even less time to answer questions. By following these guidelines, however, I believe we can maximize the usefulness of the forum for everyone until these issues can be ironed out.

Thank you!

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19-Sep-11 6:45 pm

I've noticed there's been a lot of this happening recently. I've been on the forum a lot lately, especially on the ultrasound guessing section and it's becoming confusing as to who has posted before because there are so many duplicates and new threads about the same scan.

Very confusing and to be honest quite frustrating!

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9-Oct-11 11:18 pm

New to In-Gender and just read your post for the first time.  I am guilty of putting same image on gender predictions 3 times trying to get the subject matter some attention because I wasn't getting any responses.  I want to apologize and it won't happen again.  It's a great website and over past 2 days have spent a lot of time on it.  My daughter is pregnant with her first baby and was so anxious to have some guesses and we were probably a little too carried away. Thanks so much and again so sorry.

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18-Mar-14 6:38 am
Thank you.xx
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