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*Pink Summer Swayers 2011*

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16-Mar-11 1:53 pm

I'm back to the boards after a failed sway (blessed me with my amazing ds2 who is just so darn cute!!!). I didn't really do a great sway last time. I followed the diet 100% and took the supplements. But somehow I missed how important ph was so I didn't bother checking that. I really thought the diet itself was enough because it was completely different from what I ate when I got pg with ds1. I did a 2.5 day cutoff with an O+12 attempt. This time I am doing all 7 factors 100% and probably TBM too with 7 day abstinence and O+12. I looked into biorythyms and it was right for my 2 ds so I looked at the charts for this summer and it will need to be June or August for me. July is mostly boy zone for me. However I just stopped bf'ing ds2 so I am waiting for AF to return so I can regulate and start practicing. So it may have to wait until August because I don't think I'll be ready for June.

I have done a TON of research (about a year's worth of lurking on this board and on babycenter's swaying board) so hopefully I can help out. I think I have about 5 pages of typed notes that I need to sort through Stick out tongue 

Good luck to everyone!

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