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Due in under 2 weeks - my gut instinct says girl. Any guesses based on nub pic?

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10-Mar-11 10:52 am


I am due on 23rd March and we have not found out the sex of the baby as we wanted a surprise.

All along my gut instinct has been saying girl (not that my instinct is right very often!!)  Lots of people along the way have asked me what I think we are having and I have answered girl everytime.

I have attached a picture of the 13 week scan which clearly shows the nub, any guesses or opinions would be very welcome. 

Although we would be happy if bubba is Baby Bear Girl or Baby Bear Boy I am going to be very surprised if little one arrives with dangly bits! 

What do you think?

Thanks girls Hugs Butterfly


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10-Mar-11 11:11 am

I am unable to include the picture at the moment as it is coming up with an error - I will try again tomorrow.

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10-Mar-11 11:47 am

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12-Mar-11 9:34 am

O.K, so I have never used photobucket before - hoping this has worked but I am not holding my breath!

Thank you


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12-Mar-11 9:36 am

O.K so i have never used photobucket before so I am really hoping this has worked!! Pray

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12-Mar-11 9:41 am

Wooohooooo - I think you will finally be able to view the picture!  Any guesses or opinions are very welcome Happy Smile


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12-Mar-11 9:42 am
Total guess, but I say boy. It looks angled up.

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12-Mar-11 9:47 am

 Baby Bear Boy


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12-Mar-11 10:08 am

Guessing  Baby Boy  Good luck.

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12-Mar-11 10:56 am

 Whew, that is a perfect picture of a Baby Bear Boy nub!

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12-Mar-11 11:33 am

im sorry sweetie but i'll be shocked if this one is a girl. all Baby Bear Boy

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12-Mar-11 12:06 pm
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12-Mar-11 12:13 pm
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12-Mar-11 2:58 pm

Baby Bear Boy

 Congrats!!  xx


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12-Mar-11 3:21 pm

Looks very boyish! GL!

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