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Please help confused!!!!!


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8-Mar-11 2:44 pm


Got your message to late lovehugs the glass shattered!!!!  Who invented these stupid things Grouchy.  Its done now, but I know I did'nt do it right there was still a tiny bit left in the bottom of the powderd vial, do you draw it up with the large needle and then change to the small needle for injecting.  Couldn't get on to that site mean it asked for customer code which I don't have - thanks alot anyway.  Thanks alot for your help ladies hope I have better luck tomorrow night.xx

Sorry you got it too late.  :(

Yes you draw up with the big needle and then put it in with the tablet.  Then you draw up with the big needle before swapping to the small one to inject...  it's a pain lol!

GL for the next one.

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We were booked in to go to HRC in Feb 2009 but DH decided against it...  I think my dream is over!  :(

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