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Well, there goes my chance :(

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7-Mar-11 3:14 pm

Don't lose hope.

I have seen it all. I have been in the thick of trying for the perfect family for 12 years! 

Statistically I shouldn't have had as many losses as I have had . (I have more than I have listed in my signature)

I shouldn't have three boys when my husband's IDENTICAL twin has girls!

I had perfected odds for high tech and a perfect sway. None of it resulted in a girl.

Keep you chin up and pray for pink . Don't read into things too much it will make you crazy.

In your wait live in the moment. Do things to make your moments special. Like extra pillows on the bed and a great movie. Just don't look into the future too far.

Life isn't fair and that can be a good thing or a bad thing but it can't be predicted.

OK . I am getting of the soap box . LOL Hugs to you . I hope you hear girl soon.

Heartbroken More than I care to think about due to blood clotting disorder.

Baby Boy,Baby Boy

Baby BoyHeartbroken TBM failure . What a miserable experience!

And two Microsort failures . But at least we went to DIsneyland. Woo HooAngry

"For we pay a price for everything we get or take in this world, and although ambitions well worth having, they are not cheaply won."  Lucy Maud Montgomery