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Morning Sickness remedies

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3-Mar-11 10:16 pm

For those that are feeling ...sick Envy, try ginger. Ginger anything. I found ginger tea @ Trader Joes and I plan on making tea, then letting it cool down, then putting hte tea in ice cube tray, then either sucking on the ice cube or crusing some to make sorta like a slushy. I also found ginger chews @ TJ and they are not bad at all. This time around my M/S is weird. A couple of weeks ago, I had the yucky feeling coming on board and sure enough I htough, "Oh no, here it comes." But then it went away for about a week. Now, I started to get that yucky feeling and I feel like any day now it should be full blown sick feeling and vomitting, but nothing yet. They say all pregnancies are different...why have I not had one with no M/S at all? lol! Why?! lol! So I wanted to share with you my ginger saver. After eating those chews, they seems to help my sick feeling go away. I don't know if it is all in my head or what, but whatever makes me feel better will do Happy

- Peppermint tea or oil to infuse will work too

- fresh air

-smelling lemons

-crackers (no salt) with bites of banana (tried this and it worked for me in the morning when I had that yucky feeling from an empty stomach)

I hope that none of us get really sick and that it goes away soon!


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4-Mar-11 1:20 am

 I was going to say peppermint and ginger tea when I saw the subject Happy Wink and eating something little every 3 hrs.

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4-Mar-11 2:36 am

Agree Thanks girls this will help me tons!

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4-Mar-11 3:33 am
I second the ginger thing. I nibble ginger nut biscuits when I feel really rough and it stops it straight away (but only for a while).

Also those travel sickness bands work (from Boots) but thankfully I've not had to use them this time around.
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