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Anyone's baby behind like mine? :)

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2-Mar-11 10:00 am
On a positive note, he is the happiest baby I have ever seen. Smiling, giggling, and just plain happy.
Just sit back and enjoy this!! All 3 of my kids were pretty early at son even walking shortly after 8 months. On the flip side, none of them were very easy/happy/content babies. I wonder if some of this had to do with their urge to do a lot of these milestones before they were physically able to (if that makes sense). IMO, some babies are just happy being babies while others are in a race for toddlerhood. I also wonder if the big head circumference makes these physical things a little more difficult? My kids were all 25-50% HC. Moreover, I SO wished I would've had a late teether. Not only does this make for better teeth, but I think it helps them sleep better early on. Evie has 4 teeth now at 7 months and 2 on the way....sleeping is horrible and she seems in a lot of discomfort.
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