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Any guesses for my brother and SIL please? 14 weeks....


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7-May-11 2:59 pm


Congrats to them Happy Celebrate I hope everything is OK with the baby KUP.

hi Ladies....

Well, no so good news I'm afraid...

My SIL gave birth to their baby boy today, at home, at around 1.30pm (uk)...She was only 27 was breathing on his own, and mum haemorrhaged - paramedics were there...just couldn't get her to hospital in is now in incubator in ICU, and mum and my brother are at home.....twitching by the phone.....Pray

Please pray for them, that baby gets through, and comes home as soon as he's well enough.  He weighed in at 2lbs 2ozs.  He was due August 13th.  They have named him Michael Anthony (after our Dad, Anthony Michael).......

Thank you for you support.


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