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17-Feb-11 11:50 pm

I feel ya! My cousin who is the same age as me, has 1 son already like me, and is pregnant & due the same month as me, just found out she's having a GIRL...while I'm suffering with GD because I'm having another boy. It especially bothers me because this girl made my life hell growing up. Even though she's "family", she treated me like dirt, gossiped about me and smeared me to everyone behind my back...she's just NOT a nice person. I tried hard to be her friend too, and be there for her when I found out some people were being cruel to her at school. But she just snubbed me. And now, she gets the perfect pigeon pair and I don't. So I feel your pain! It's just soooo not fair.

 P.S. I wanna KILL those damn monkies!!!  Mad Furious

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