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Tell me: What's so great about boys?

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13-Feb-11 12:47 pm

 So, I'm expecting twin boys this summer and have been going through some GD. I was already feeling overwhelmed at the thought of twins (I've never been someone who wanted twins) and I think part of me thought that if at least one of these babies was a girl it would kind of lessen the burden b/c it's like, been there done that. (I know that makes no logical sense but it's the main thing that kept me from freaking out when we found out we're having twins.) Also, this is likely my last pregnancy and I've wanted at least one more girl since my DD was born so I've saved so much of hers and just the thought of going through everything knowing I'll never have another girl, I'll never give my DD a sister (which I always wanted growing up), getting to me. It's not that I didn't want a boy, but it's new territory for me. And two at once? Oh my! So tell me why I'll love having boys, please!!!



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13-Feb-11 12:51 pm

Congrats on your twins!  I find myself reposting the same post over and over again so I added the link below in my signature.  Just my 2 cents!

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13-Feb-11 12:55 pm

I have two boys and they are so stunningly gorgeous in every way. I was posting on here earlier that I would love a girl, but I would love more boys too. My fear of not being pregnant with a girl this time is about not getting a daughter, not about getting another son IYKWIM.

I took my DS1 to a girly birthday party today and he was so sweet. The other children (particularly the girls) were fairly wild and running about hitting each other (I know this is probably not the norm but this was the case here) but my wee boy kept coming up to check I was ok because I was sitting by myself and didn't know the other mummies. He is so intuitive, he can always tell if I'm sad or not feeling good and always looks after me. He also kept asking if it was ok to go on the bouncy castle, slide etc. He is so polite and charming and I love how he always saves the heart sweets from the Haribo because he loves his mummy.

My DS2 is much more of a typical boy but he is so funny. He is so mischievious and into everything. He has such a cheeky cheeky grin that everyone loves him and he is such a comedian. He puts his head on your shoulder or your lap to give you 'loves' and comes up to huggle. He falls asleep in your arms with such a sweet little innocent expression. He is gorgeous.

I love both my two boys so much. My TTC a girl is nothing against them at all, it's just about wanting a balance, about wanting to experience the loveliness of little girls alongside the loveliness of my boys. I think your family will be pretty fabulous!

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13-Feb-11 1:25 pm

Awe, that was a lovely post!  How sweet those two boys are.  Made me smile!


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13-Feb-11 1:28 pm

Thanks alsestis, so did your post! My two boys will share a room, the older one is always very sweet around his little brother and always looks after him. I also like dressing them alike. My older son has long blonde hair like the older Stefani boy and he always looks like a rock star. The other little boys in his nursery have started growing their hair out to copy him - bless! Sadly the little one is a bit baldy at the moment but when he gets more hair he can have it long too.

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13-Feb-11 2:04 pm

Congratulations on your twins. My twins are 16 months old and they are lots of fun.

I know lots of sets of twin boys because I go to two twins clubs that are playgroups just for mums with twins. They range from 2 weeks to three years and some are identical and some are fraternal. The identical ones are always playing cutely together and are so sweet. The fraternal ones really get along and have lots of fun at the playgroups. The mums of the twins boys are always very happy and love the affection the bioys give to them.

Oddly all of the mums of twin boys who have an older child all have an older girl between 16 months and 3 years. They are all very happy famillies and love the fact that they have twin boys after a girl. One lady admitted to me she had GD after finding out her twins were boys (her girl is 2) but soon got used to it. I guess it's fear of the unknown. So your feelings are very common.

When I was pregnant with my twins lots of people kept saying horrible things to me about the sex of the twins. We stayed team green as we wanted two suprises. I got a lot of GD because everyone would say 'I bet you're hoping for one of each' and some people would say that 'I bet you want one to be a girl at least'. These comments made me feel under a lot of pressure to produce a girl (which I did to my suprise in the end).

I found this website whcih helped me a lot. I took two cute blue babygrows to the hospital for when I gave birth and prepared myself to face the two boys I was sure I would have. Well I only got one boy! But I have to say that knowing all the twin boys that I do and the love their give their famillies I would have been very happy with my two little boys. I'm not saying I'd not miss having a girl, but you have an older girl and now you are on an adventure which will bring cute boys cloths and fun boys toys and I am very envious of your 3 children


Good luck!


p.s the first 6 weeks with twins are the hardest. If you're a routine loving mum start to get them into a routine about 8/9 weeks. I did feeds at 7, 10, 1 ,4 then bath at 6.30 bottle at 7 then bed. I had to do night feeds for the boy upto 16 weeks when he started solids but the girl slept through the night at 9 weeks once the routine was there. By 12 weeks everything is a lot easier and they really do play a lot together once they get toddling around. Enjoy it as it goes so fast.

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13-Feb-11 2:42 pm

Wow, you guys are really helping me. I think I'm suffering very much from fear of the unknown: twins, boys, and feeling like I'll be neglecting my daughter when the little guys get here.

Alsestis, loved your post!

Baby_Maker, you made me cry!  So lovely how you describe your boys. I can only hope mine are as sweet as yours.

ababe: Thanks so much! Funny that all the families with twin boys have older sisters. :) And I'll take any twin tips you want to give :)

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13-Feb-11 6:03 pm
Congratulations on your twin boys!!!! Every child is precious regardless of their gender. I certainly agree with babymaker. There is no need to worry about your boys as they can be as much fun as girls. I have 8 year old twin boys. I must admit it's hard work for first few years as double amount of attention ,love and caring but it will be worth it. I had few bad days when they were around 1 to 2 as they keep pulling each others hair and fighting for the same cars and all. I used to sit with them and make them understand the value of sharing and all. Once they got around 3 they were like magnets . They never fight or hurt each other. always enjoy the company . I feel so happy to see their love and affection and always pray to god to stay like this as ever. It made me cry the first time when my husband was pulling out one of the twins first tooth and he was so scared and crying a lot. Then the other one was screaming to my husband saying "dad plz leave him alone" he was sobbing and couldn't control his feelings. And the one who lost his tooth wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking for car for him and he didn't forget his twin brother and also his younger brother. And they have pet names and never ask mama "can i have the chocolate or car" they say both their names together. And they love me more than anything in the world. they know i won't be happy if they being naughty and the first thing they ask mamma r u still my friend. then i forget all the silly things they do sometime. Until now they never gave me any trouble or never shout at me [as i have seen with some other kids]. But their affection towards me always melt my heart. they never sleep without giving me a big hug and kiss. Sometimes they squeeze me so hard. So i think you are going to have really good time with your twins and also your little girl. And no need to say she will enjoy her little brothers.

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13-Feb-11 6:11 pm


I dont have twin boys but boys that are 1yr apart and the youngest is big for his age (same size as DS1 and getting bigger) so people think they are twins, I have to reinforce that they are not twins and they have different needs due to the age difference. I find people expect more from DS2 because he is the same size as DS1. The good part about twins compared to staggered children is that they are at the same milestones and you get them out at the same time (not being pregnant while you have to look after and carry a baby)

They have slept in the same room since they were 1 and 2, they are 3 and 4 now. There is too much to say about how great it is having little boys..sure they have their naughty moments (as all kids do) but they can also be very sweet and caring. I think its how you raise your children, regardless of their gender and the values you have as a family that helps them to reach their full potential as loving people. They have a little sister that they love but generally she is a bit little to be involved in there big boy play, she follows them everywhere and wants to do whatever they are doing. Also my little girl has her big brothers to look out for her as she gets older.

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13-Feb-11 8:34 pm

Ok, first off, the silly (but true) ones:  No periods!  No weddings to pay for!  They don't need as many clothes or as many pairs of shoes!  They pretty much wear what you set out for them to for the first 5 years and are thrilled to do so!  You don't have to worry about wiping from front to back during diaper changes! 

For real... I have 3 boys, ages 5, 4, and 1.  They are all boys, but I didn't feel any more well-equipped to parent number 2 than I did number 1, because their personalities are completely different.  So, whether the twins were girls or boys, they would be "unknown."  When they place these babies in your arms, you'll have no clue who they are... which doesn't sound all the comforting until you realize it would be the same if they were girls. 

I absolutely LOVE all 3 of my boys.  Boy 1 is sensitive, responsible, and witty.  He is a total rule-follower and a mini-me as far as his personality.  He is totally shy until he feels you are messing with his brother-- and then he has no problem sticking up for him.  Even when I say "you look so cute!"  he will say "Well, Matthew (his little brother) is cute, too,right?"  He is careful, thoughtful, and well-organized.

Boy number 2 is the total opposite of that!  He is charming, extremely social, and will make a new friend pretty much everywhere we go.  He has these dimples that just don't quit!  I am a teacher, so I pretty much discipline for a living, and he will make me burst out laughing when I'm trying to discipline him. He is active, don't get me wrong, however, he absolutely LOVES books, and he just turned 4 last week.  He is creative, hands-on, and a risk taker.  He cares very little about what others think, and marches to the beat of his own drum, but he's the type of kid who makes everyone want to join in marching with him. 

Boy 3 just turned 1, but he has so much personality.  He has been sleeping through the night since age 10 weeks.  (Boy 1 slept through at 12 weeks, boy 2 was 15 months old).  He is soooo happy all the time.  He's into everything but loves to play with his brothers.

All in all, i get a lot of compliments about my boys.  Usually, it's how cute they are and how well-behaved they are.  Today, this big burly man who was in his late 30s-early 40s stopped us at wal-mart to play with the baby and talk about how adorable all the boys were (and my husband was with me, so I know he wasn't flirting!)

I was an only girl and then my mom took foster kids who were also girls-- so boys have been an adjustment.  BUT it's a great adjustment, and I am so happy I have these 3 in my life!

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13-Feb-11 8:52 pm

Congrats on your twin boys :) I have two little boys. One who is 5 and one who just turned 2 on xmas eve.  I love having boys. We are swaying girl but it has nothing to do with the fact that i do not want another boy because actually i would love 3 boys and one girl. Id just like to have one girl to experience having a daughter. But i really do love having boys.

Both of my boys are HUGE momma's boys. They love me more than anything and i know it. They  make sure they tell me all the time. Im always getting kisses and hugs from them. My oldest son is very smart and learns so quickly. He is a HUGE goof ball and he loves to make people laugh. He is always telling everyone he loves them. He is very much a typical boy who likes to rough house and play in the dirt, etc. But he also likes clothes, shoes, hats and getting his hair cut. He is very fun to shop for because he actually likes cool clothes! lol. he has good taste already. I call him my accessory king because he loves shoes and hats and sun glasses, etc. He is NOT girly by any means but he is very stylish! His dad is the same way though. Always keeping up with his hair and always has super nice clothes. So like i said it is fun to shop with/for him! He is also quiet and just very easy going!

My youngest son is very sweet. very kind. Always hugging and kissing me. He comes up to people and puts his arm around their neck and pats their back and looks at them. It's so cute. He loves meeting new people and is very out going. He goes up to strangers and says "hi my name is Jackin (his name is Jaxon but he cant say it yet! lol) nice to meet you".  He loves to try to help mommy and daddy. Always trying to make people laugh like his older brother. He is also very compassionate. He is always trying to make sure everyone else is happy. He wants to share with everyone, no matter who they are and what he has, he wants to share it. He is always trying to make sure i am ok as well. When my husband was deployed all last year and i had my crying times, he would come up to me and wrap his arm around my neck and just look at me and smile.


Both of my boys are just very sweet and over protective of me. I am very proud of them and wouldnt trade them for anything in the world. :) I think you will enjoy having boys. They are a lot of fun.

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13-Feb-11 9:08 pm


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13-Feb-11 9:18 pm
You are having a family make-up for which I would walk a 1000 miles. It is something that I can only dream but dare to see it happen. Twins and how cute to dress them up, light blue on one and white on another. I can only see endless fun instore for you. Congratulations.
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13-Feb-11 10:50 pm
My son is 5 and the two of us do everything together. He is my little buddy and makes my life so much fun. Today my mom and I took him and my 9 month old dd to a place with kiddie rides and him and I had a blast going on all of them together. He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh a hundred or more times a day. Life with him is so fun and exciting! Plus he is very sweet and considerate. He made his baby sister a valentines card tonight and said hers has to be the best since he loves her so much. You will love having a boy!

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14-Feb-11 1:41 am

I have twin boys who are 4 and a half. and they are the best thing that has every happened to me. I had GD for about 1 day when I found out they were both boys - I wanted the "dream team" , you know one boy and one girl.  But the more I get to know my twins, I am SO happy that they are both the same gender. I just feel that the bond is that much stronger in terms of liking the same things, doing the same things, entertaining and enjoying each other..

They are each other's best friends. They are together from morning to night and always need to know where the other one is. They play together constantly, all kinds of imaginative games, superheroes and knights and cowboys, sometimes chefs in a kitchen... there are no limits to what the two of them can come up with. The first 2 years with the twins was REALLY hard work (routine routine routine!) but then all of a sudden, we just started coasting. Because they play with each other!  I have so many friends who tell me how much they play and do with their children and I start to think I'm a bad mom because while I play with them, spend huge amounts of time with them, frankly, they are just so good with each other that they don't really need me as their source of entertainment. Sure, they fight but their fights last all of 5 minutes, and then they are back to being best friends.

And while one of the twins is a little more a daddy's boy, they are both firmly, completely "mine." They want to marry me, tell me about all of the beautiful things they want to buy me, they want to make me happy, they are always telling me how beautiful I am, even now with my "it's just a little bit fat of a tummy Mommy".  when their father occasionally collects them from school, the first thing they ask him is "where's mommy?"

Another wonderful thing about twins - though they are together all of the time and so much fun together, they are also very special and unique as individuals. One of my boys is quieter and a deep thinker and loves building all kinds of imaginative stuff. He is easygoing and mellow but a picky eater.  The other one is theatrical and dramatic and loves arts and dress up and theatre and loves to come shopping with me - but he can still go racing around the garden with his brother. I enjoy them together and individually.

Another unexpected bonus of twins - it's easier to have twins and a singleton than I think three children different ages... because, especially at young ages, they will go on the same playdates, the same playschool, the same swimming lessons, the same birthday parties, etc. They are actually a lot easier to organize.  They share clothes, trade outfits, help each other get dressed, and are really, without a doubt, a total blessing.

My boys have a lot of energy. Never let them get bored.  Keep t hem interested in the world and life and expose them to new things; just because they are boys doesn't mean you have to hand them over to Dad to do boy things. They have just as much fun with Mommy baking cookies and making art projects and drawing and painting and doing puzzles and board games.  

 Relax! You will love your twin boys... just get yourself organized, especially the first few months of their life, and be prepared for all of the attention.... and congrats.

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