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High chairs

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13-Feb-11 12:19 am

I am having a hard time picking out a high chair.  The other 2 high chairs I had had things that really bothered me and I want to avoid getting one I don't like this time.  Problem is that most stores only have a couple of choices in the stores but tons online.  I want to put my baby in it though and see the colors and everything in person.  I looked at Target today and was able to try out 4.  One was by Baby Trend and I actually really liked how Troy fit in it and it was easy to use.  Problem was that I thought it was ugly and the seat was fabric.  That's nice that you can put it in the washer but that means you have to put it in the washer to clean it.  I want to be able to wipe it down.  I also tried out 2 different Gracos.  I didn't like the colors and they were also fabric.  One was very heavy too.  The Graco Contempo was ok but it was fabric.  I also tried the Chicco.  I think I liked it the best but it was more expensive, of course.  I liked what the seat was made of.  Has anyone had one of the Chicco high chairs?  I looked on their site and they were almost all the same but with different fabric.  The one at Target was grey w/ orange which isn't my style but I like this one from Babies R Us.  Most of the reviews I read complained about some crevase (sp?) on the tray being a pain to clean but I can't see it on the pictures and didn't look that close at the store.  Has anyone seen this one in person?  I love the colors but am wondering if it is too girly?  From the pic I don't think it is but I haven't seen it in the store so I wonder.    Chicco Polly High Chair - Seventies -  Chicco - Toys"R"Us

A couple things that I learned from my other high chairs is that it needs to be able to fold up.  Our first one didn't and it was a pain!  It was big too.  The tray also needs to not be too high.  Our first one came up really high and was such a pain for younger babies.  The 2nd one we had still didn't fold up but the tray was lower.  That was all I looked for.  Problem was, it needed 2 hands for the tray.  Big mistake!  I think this one will work good but I would love to know if it is worth the extra money. 

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