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12-Feb-11 2:38 pm

 H, just wondering if anyone has advice?  I need to get over my GD, I am not really disappointed but my husband and his family are.  We have 4 awesome girls, they are my whole world, if I had 4 boys they would be my whole world.  My husband loves the girls but his dream of a boy is gone.  I am 38 and can't handle more than 4 kids (any gender) I am sad for my husband, his family (mom & dad) is anti-girl for some reason, they had 3 boys and so far 5 grand-daughters.  Does anyone have any encouraging words or comments for what to say when the comments about wanting a son (for my husband) or wanting a grandson (for my in-laws) I just don't know what to say that would not be spitefull and contentious.  Thanks for your help 

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