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BFP on the 1st of Feb!

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3-Feb-11 1:56 pm

The one month we wern't trying, we happened to BD on the day of my OPK and what do you know a BFP at 9DPO which was the 1st of Feb. I am due in October, on the 16th going by my O date.

I have been using the Tesco (UK) brand of test and I am shocked it picked up a BFP way before my IC did! Twins run in my DP family so I am really hoping it's only one baby!

DP and I have our fingers crossed for a girl, but we would welcome a boy too!

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3-Feb-11 2:40 pm

 Congrats Happy Celebrate

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3-Feb-11 2:50 pm

Congrats Chelsea!!!!!!

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3-Feb-11 3:01 pm


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3-Feb-11 3:23 pm

I love my family!

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3-Feb-11 3:30 pm

Congrats!! Wishing you a healthy & happy pregnancy!!

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3-Feb-11 3:57 pm


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3-Feb-11 6:16 pm

Oh my gosh!!! Congrats!!! How are you I wish I had gotten a BFP as I would have been due pretty much the exact same time!!!!! Congrats girl! Mum's the word on FB too! HUGS!

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5-Feb-11 6:35 am

OOOOOOOO, just seen this.  Congrats x x x

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5-Feb-11 6:54 am
Congrats on your BFP!!!!
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5-Feb-11 7:03 am

Thanks for all the congratulations girls!

I am feeling okay at the moment lovinhug, just a bit tired and overly hungry, but that's it really. I am so bloated too!

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5-Feb-11 2:55 pm

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Moving on...



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5-Feb-11 6:27 pm

Wonderful news!! 

Love my family!

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6-Feb-11 3:18 pm

congratulations on your bfp!! wishing you a H&H 9 months!

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27-Feb-11 3:25 pm

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