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The birth story of charlotte grace


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3-Feb-11 5:28 am
Let's start at the beginning. It started Tuesday night, the 11th (I passed my plug earlier in the day). I was having contractions that were 5 minutes apart for hours. They didn't get too intense or that much closer together. So I opted for bed and decided to see what happened when I woke up. The 12th came and when I woke up not much was happening, so I contributed that to my body getting ready. Yay! My friend came over and said let's go on a walk. We went to walk to the safeway by my house and by the time we made it to the safeway I was having some good strong contractions. Once I got home contractions really got going. We timed them the rest of the night and they were coming regularly. From 3:30 in the afternoon until about 11:30 that night they were about every 6-5 minutes apart. We went to the hospital at 11:30 when they were 4-3 minutes apart. Once I got to the hospital and got set up, my sisters were with us and we were in for the big show. I had a pre-e scare, 1 high bp read and they needed to test a bunch of things. I think this put me into a different place because my regular contractions slowed and then I asked to go home and wait a little longer (get some sleep too). We got home at 5 am, and I had contractions still, but managed to sleep until 8 am. I got up to use the restroom and my water broke in the bathroom! I had told everyone how rare it was for it to happen at home so of course mine broke at home :-). I started to feel strong contractions and decided to get in the shower, they were closer and closer together. My sister showed up and we got dressed and started timing. I was at about every 2 minutes. We called it in to the hospital and they told me to come in (especially since I was GBS +). Once there, they strapped me to the machine to see, and sure enough they were coming every 2 minutes. My other sister was on her way and I really wanted her there for it, so when they checked me for dilation I was worried I'd be further along. Well no need to worry there, I hadn't moved since the night before I was at 3. By 4:30 that afternoon I was at 3 1/2 and contractions were close and strong but not strong enough to apparently do what I needed. They sent in a few people to discuss my options with me and I kept stalling and telling them I wanted to think about it. We ended up opting for pitocin, as it was later in the day already and I was operating on 3 hrs of sleep. The pitocin made everything so much more intense. By 9:30 that night I was in so much pain, so tired and only at a 5. I was exhausted and knew I'd need my energy for pushing. I chose to get the epidural then, and yes I cried because I felt like a bit of a failure but it was the right choice for me. The epidural went in just fine but they had me lay on my side and for the next 2 hrs I was in a lot of pain on the other side. I was trying to breath through the pain and asked if I could switch sides. The dr said no. It was another hour of the pain my whole body was shaking uncontrollably and they finally let me roll to the other side. Apparently the medicine wasn't traveling to the side in the air, and as soon as I switched I passed out. I slept until 2:30 in the morning, and when I woke up the dr came in to check me. I was 10! I was so happy and so glad I got to sleep because I knew pushing was going to be tough. At about 3:30 in the morning the nurse started to have me push. She wasn't much help, I wanted some direction. I asked at one point if I was being effective and she told me, it was kind of hard to tell. Well ok gee hard for you to tell, well how do you think I'm feeling?! So 30 minutes in she had to take a break and another lady came in. This nurse was a go getter. She started encouraging me, go push, just like that, keep going mom! When she really started saying just like that I knew I was getting somewhere. She left and the other nurse returned. I pushed through 2 more contractions and she was calling the dr in. About 6 other support staff came in, because I was considered high risk due to the size of my baby. One lady on one side and my husband and sisters on the other. The dr made me hold through one contraction and it was the hardest thing ever. Once she sat in front of me it was game on. I decided I was done with this mess and just wanted my baby out! I pushed with everything I had through that contraction and she came out all at once. The head and then the body and everyone was cheering! I tore slightly (2nd degree, but they didn't cut me). They put the baby on my stomach and my husband was trying to tell me what the baby was (the cord was blocking his view). He finally spit it out "It's a girl!!" I looked at her and only had eyes for her. My sisters were sobbing as was my husband. Cue my sarcastic side this is when I blurted out "Oh thank god she's beautiful, people won't have to lie to me!" The nurse to my right started laughing so hard, and goes you're right. haha. Everyone in the room was like, she looks to be an 8 pounder. My husband was dying to know her weight so when they took her over to the scale he was staring and waiting. Then they shouted out "Oh wow! 9 lbs 14 ounces!" I was laughing because that was pretty close to the estimate they gave me the week before. The placenta came next along with the stitching. Then we snuggled some more and people started coming in. I wanted my parents first so my sisters went out, they were only going to find out the sex of the baby from us, so I guess when my sister sent them in my DH's MIL yelled "Hey thats not fair!!" Oh lordy, then preceded to barge into the room when my parents had just gotten there. Lovely I know. Everyone went home to sleep because it was such a long long labor. My DH was like I'm going to go home to sleep, yes 2 hours after she was born I was left alone with her. Oh well not really what I had envisioned but oh well. I bonded with my girl until my husband showed up at about 1. He was tired apparently. :-) We left the next day and my recovery has been text book. I feel so lucky to have had this angel enter my world. I can't imagine her being a boy now, even though that's what I thought the whole time! I kiss her face all day long and tell her I love her over and over. Someday I guess I'll slow down on that :-). Thank you for reading the birth story of Charlotte Grace. I'm totally down for a buddy group on facebook. If you can find me its Rebecca Makris in san jose ca :-)
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3-Feb-11 9:19 am

Oh wow. Congrats. Such a big girl!!! Glad it all went well even though you were ages in labour. I'll send you a friend request on facebook. Congrats again. Hearts



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3-Feb-11 9:36 pm

Wow what a lovely big baby! Congrats on your girl!Heart

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10-Feb-11 5:20 am
Congrats on the arrival of your beautiful girl! What a birth story - you did a great job! Enjoy her and don't stop the kisses =D

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