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7-Mar-11 9:28 am
So i spoke with my OB at work yesterday and I LOVE her. I told her how anxious I was to just be pregnant before my due date and how crazy my cycles have been. I told her how short they had been and that I was worried I had luteal phase defect. She thinks that maybe I ovulate early around CD8 and that is why they are short. She gave me a prescripton for progesterone to use if I wanted and to start it three days after ovulation. She said to keep using OPKs which I had stopped doing. Anyways, I came home and did an OPK just to see and sure enough it was positive!! and then positive today again. So I may have been completely missing ovulation by DTD starting CD 13 based on when I used to O. We DTD Saturday night and according to my charting it looks good. we DTD again last night too as I really want to be pregnant. So my question is would you girls start progesterone or not? I am leaning towards not taking it as I think that my cycles are only short due to when I O and not a problem. what do u think?! Jen...send me your email and I will be in touch. Hopefully we can help each other out in April!