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results from beta HCG from NT scan blood draw tells GENDER

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20-Mar-12 8:28 pm

I must admit I am absolutely fascinated by this!! My husband and I were TTC for 15 years and were told there was only a 5% chance of it ever happening on our own without invitro or other assistance due to underlying issues within my body...And after spending $14,000 TTTC with no luck, we adopted finally. Well - suprise!! We are pregnant!! We adopted about 7 years ago because we never thought it could happen.  So, now that I have this little bun inside of me - I am so anxious to find out what gender it is!! Anything healthy is perfect of course, but I am just so curious! I am 13 weeks exactly and had my nt scan 2 days ago.  I am not sure what numbers to look at so I am asking for your guys' input please...

 PAPP-A MoM - 2.03

hCG1 MoM - 1.2

NT MoM - 0.95

 Your thoughts?? Thanks so much everyone!!! <3 :)