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Twoboys update

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25-Jan-11 8:46 am

Sorry I didn't update last night.  DH and I ended up having a long, great conversation about all of this and I was too tired at the end of it to post.  Our second beta at 11dpt was the same as the first on 9dpt, 19.  Kind of odd, but there it is.  Dr. Lin said it's rare pgs like this progress, and I could stay on meds for another couple days but medically he didn't think it was necessary.  So I stopped it all.

We have one good embryo left from the first cycle with Lin, and we've retested a couple that came back abnormal with GSN.  I suppose there's a chance there might be a baby there, but DH and I have decided to walk away.  I don't want to chase this anymore.  Am brokenhearted after loosing our twins still and realized through this second cycle that I can't gamble my heart with this anymore. 

We've talked seriously about adopting from Korea, since even with domestic adoptions you can lose the baby at the last minute, and with international adoptions you are guaranteed a baby since he/she's already an orphan.  And there's a local agency that allows you to request gender.  All of this appeals to me since it doesn't depend on my age/fertility, so we can wait a while and focus on something else, and it's a guaranteed baby in the end. 

I have to stay off the boards so I can move on.  I know I will be so tempted to come back and check on you all, but I'm going to make a huge effort to give it all a break.  I wish you all the very best of luck and I treasure all of the support you've all given me the last couple years.  There are so many wonderful women on here that I know IRL would be treasured friends (and a couple of you are!).  Ya'll are great and I hope you each find lots of success and happiness. 



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25-Jan-11 9:05 am

I am so sorry dear, I dont have words for you to comfort you, i feel so sad on your update, but i hope & pray you find some peace.

Wishing you all the very best for your Future.


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25-Jan-11 9:18 am

Big, huge hugs to you!!  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  Heart


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25-Jan-11 9:18 am
I wish you the best!

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25-Jan-11 9:38 am

 Sad Oh honey, I am so sorry, I wish nothing but good things for you and your family Heart

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25-Jan-11 3:14 pm
I'm so sorry. Wishing you all the best. If you do end up taking the adoption route, I hope it will all work out for you very soon. Take care - I know you'll be missed.

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25-Jan-11 3:33 pm
I wanted to cry reading your post. You might even be on to read all our replies, but I wish you the best.

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25-Jan-11 3:41 pm

Reading your latest update is so upsetting but at the same Im so relieved for you. Hopping off the HT rollercoaster WILL give you the strenght to find yourself again. Your stress and sadness will fade and you will be filled with excitement as you follow your next path.

I wish you all the very best of luck and send comforting love. Love Ya!

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25-Jan-11 4:05 pm

 So sorry twoboys. I hope that can adopt and find peace. Take care of yourself sweetie Hugs Violet

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25-Jan-11 4:07 pm
Breaks my heart to read this but I know you will Rise from this and be very happy soon.wishing you A quick recovery and lots of love and success for The future.hope some day u can let us know how you're Doing.... Hugs

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26-Jan-11 11:49 am

Hugs Twoboys.  I understand and I hope that you find peace with whatever comes your way.  I know we would be friends IRL and I hope you'll stay in touch.  I think of you often!!

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26-Jan-11 4:35 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss.
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26-Jan-11 6:21 pm
So sorry to read your news Twoboys. I was really hoping this was going to work for you this time. It must be heartbreaking after all you have been through. But it is great you have worked out what to do for the future. Good luck with it all!



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26-Jan-11 8:51 pm

I know how you feel about loosing the babies, it just makes you numb all over...I'm so sorry this didn't work for you, I didn't expect that to happen. All the best in anything you do! Hugs! Sad Flower

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27-Jan-11 5:45 am

I'm so sorry Twoboys. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

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