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4-Feb-11 1:59 pm


[quote user="babycouture#4:

Mishla, I'm still friggin hormonal! The title of the post got me cryingStick out tongue...I am going to miss all of us being pregnant and sharing our fears, disappointments, and of course our happy moments..I hope to continue getting on here and staying in touch..

Who is still waiting?


I feel sad too! I had initally said this was my last baby, eventhough dh really wants another one. Not only do I want another one as well, I really would love another girl too. I guess time will sort out our hormones and let us move on. babycouture, I still remember your early girly potty shot, the one that looked just like mine that the OB refused to print off as 13 weeks was too early to tell.... can you believe they are here now?

Nini, I cant believe it seems like yesterday we were talking about that early potty shot... I too would love another girl, especially with all of the girl stuff Briella has. Would be ashame for it to be used once...I do hope our hormones straighten themselves out. I can't even think of getting an IUD...

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