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Please keep ALL pictures in one single thread!!

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24-Jan-11 10:50 am

The regular ladies on the forum request that each poster keep all photos of their baby on one single thread.  If you find new pictures, have an additional scan done or make your original photos clearer, please add to your ORIGlNAL thread.  You can always edit your title, reply to the thread and bump it up to the top of the list for more views.

It gets very confusing to see the same pictures pop up in different new threads each day.  We try and get to guess on everone's pictures.  This is one way that you can help us keep the Ultrasound fourm moving along.  Multiple threads with the same picture will be subject to deleting by the Forum Leaders.

Thanks to all of our guessers who give up many hours a day to guess on nubs.  We love our members! Old and New.Love Ya!


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24-Jan-11 12:46 pm

Oops! :X Will do, sorry if I annoyed anyone with my posts! lol

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24-Jan-11 4:07 pm
How do you bump your old post up to the top for more opinions?

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24-Jan-11 7:50 pm

How do you bump your old post up to the top for more opinions?

Just reply to it.  Some people write "bump" in the text space.  Any reply to a post will pop it back up to the top of the list.  I hope that makes sense.

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26-Jan-11 3:45 pm

 I wasn't sure how to "bump" it either- thanks for the info and sorry about posting my photos more than once- have a good night! :)

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4-Feb-11 9:00 am

what do you guys think. Heres my scan 13+2.........

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24-Feb-11 3:35 am

can u tell what i am having this is 20 weeks xx

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3-Mar-11 3:24 pm



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12-Mar-11 12:23 am

Can't load picture.  I just keep getting those crazy monkeys and don't know how to delete this post. . .

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15-May-11 4:18 am

Hi please could anyone give me their opinions on the sex of my baby from the photo below t 13w 4days, than you x

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22-May-11 5:33 pm
So if additional pictures have been requested, and we upload new photos, how do we make it apparent to users that the new images are available? Also - how do we edit the title to indicate that changes have been made? thanks!

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18-Jul-11 12:20 am

Im thinking its another little girl..making number 4 for our family.

 What are your thoughts?

taken at 13 wks exactly.

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1-Aug-11 8:18 pm

 12w +2days   Boy or Girl??

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11-Aug-11 12:25 pm

Boy or girl...any ideas please? Much appreciated x

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2-Sep-11 3:23 am
Hi I had my 17 week scan today...Can anyone guess for this nub of by baby?
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