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IT'S A GIRL!!! Alsestis's Girl Sway 1/23

You can call me Al

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23-Jan-11 8:24 pm


NAME Alsestis
Gender Resulted IT'S A GIRL!!! Baby Bear Girl
Swaying Attempt - Natural, EGS (TBM, SU, GDC, MSU), High Tech (IUI, IUI/MS), details? Natural with help some days with my Diva Cup


CM Ph 4.9
DH Ph ? 6.0 when measured after attempt in the cup
Douche type and when None
Replens and when Way before O - maybe CD3-7
Big O Yes, I would DTD, ramp, after 15 minutes, tested pH, ramp again for 15 min and did big O manually 


Calcium 1000mg
Magnesium 500mg
Potassium very low - no potatoes, bananas or tomatoes for months
Sodium very very low - the most was from low sodium bread and cheese
DH minerals 1000mg cal, 500 mag


Dietary Changes YES!  Was very strictly on the IG Girl diet along with DH - with the exception of adding spinach, almonds
Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long? Started diet 3 months before BFP cycle - would ease up in the 2ww but just a little
Caffeine 1/2 cup of coffee daily with milk/cream
DH caffeine 1 cup daily with milk/cream


Drinks Milk, aspartame sweetened milk, aspartame sweetened water
Supplements -


Cranberry 1st month but they were too expensive 
Acidophilus In the copious amounts of yogurt I consumed
Sudafed No
Others -
DH supps -


BD cutoff (# of days) No cut-off
BD thru O Yup
O+12 Yup
Frequent BD/how many days 9 days!!!
Charting O with Temp Yes
Charting O with OPK Yes
Fertility monitor used/type -
Suspected O date Jan 12, CD17


Oed in what moon phase New Moon
Changed ions in other ways? Lavender soap


How many kids do you have? 1
What gender(s)? Boy
# of months TTC 3
Your Age 36
BD position Spooning
Jump and dump Nope
EWCM present/how much? Later in the day but we always DTD first thing in the morning and I was usually very dry
DH undies type Boxers
DH hot bath/shower Nope
OWT - anything under bed? Nope



We lost a baby in September at 14 weeks and I was very keen to get pregnant ASAP.  At 36, and with maybe one more baby after this one, we didn't want to use anything that would hurt our chances of conception.  I considered a 1 day cut-off but I was afraid of Oing later and ending up with a 2 day cut-off.  Honestly, DH is 42 - how strong can his swimmers be?  I didn't want to take any chances.  At this point, I am so thrilled to be pregnant again that I don't even care if it's a girl or a boy - but I know that it had become a rather large obsession when I was wondering about the sex of angel baby so I am so glad I gave it the best go I could for a girl!  Wish me luck!  We find out April 13th...

UPDATE!  We found out today at just 13+2 that the baby is a GIRL!  This has been the biggest roller coaster ride.  Thank you Dr. Ramzi for giving the world your amazing study on fetal gender and placental location - that left sided placenta is what got me through the 11 plus weeks of not knowing!  THANK YOU IG!

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23-Jan-11 10:05 pm

Congrats Alsestis! Really hoping this is a healthy sticky bean for youGood Luck CloverHearts

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23-Jan-11 10:39 pm
I hope its your girl but why would you give yourself the big O when its a huge no no for conceiving a girl?

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You can call me Al

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23-Jan-11 10:47 pm

Thanks Tutu!

Serenity -  I do the big O to contract the spermies in.  I experimented with pH and big O and there was very little difference.  I also experimented with how much liquid was in the Diva Cup before and after and it practically was all gone after big O. 

Was more important to me to conceive than to reduce overall sperm count.  I am not convinced that having a climax raises my testosterone in any notable way.  My goal was to keep sperm/CM pH around 6.0.

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23-Jan-11 11:09 pm
Your sway did look good so there is a good chance for a girl! The wait to find out is so hard though!

DS- Trevor 11/24/05

DD - Kathryn 5/7/2010 at 37+5 weeks!

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just want 1 pink one plz

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24-Jan-11 4:50 am

wow.... i hoped on n was gfoing straight for jan forum to see your updates then saw this.... omg im so happy for u.... congrats to the 3 of you.... hope you have a lil girl cooking away... but the most important thing a healthy bean..... so happy for u.....congratulations....

 i have 2 Baby Bear Boy aged 5 and 2 yrs old...... tried swaying for 10 mths with no pg n now im just ttc............ on clomid this mth as its 12 mths............... hoping its worked............

was bettyboo...........needed a change...................

after 18 mths of ttc we finally got a bfp........... the mth we dtd twice............ after mths n mths of dtd alot turns out it works for us to not ttc................due in jan............. cant wait

found out its a Baby Girl.......... so blessed........ so lucky.cant believe it.................


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24-Jan-11 5:59 am

 great sway! Good luck for ur little girl.

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24-Jan-11 10:54 pm
Congrats on BFP!! I like the experimenting that you did with the Big O and ph changes!!! FX for you!!! ;)
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25-Jan-11 9:29 pm
Hi Alestis, wow, great work! I am hoping this works for you because I think my sway will be similar to yours, and my age and my partner's age are similar to yours and your DH. I have read somewhere that 'older' parents (but I think it is more about the dads) are more likely to have girls, so here's hoping! Please let us know what you have in April... and most importantly that she is a healthy one!! Babushka. xx

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26-Jan-11 4:30 am

 Congrats Baby Bear Girl

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One more pink please :)

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5-Feb-11 7:53 am
congrats woohooo!!!.... I hope you hear PINK xxxx
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5-Feb-11 1:30 pm

So excited to see you are preggers!!! I think your sway was a great effort...I see a lot of people on here who don't do everything recommended and get their DG...something to do with keeping stress down perhaps?? Best wishes for an super healthy bean!!

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You can call me Al

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5-Feb-11 4:41 pm

Thanks guys!  I have a bit of a defeatest attitude where I think that if I want it bad enough, the opposite will happen.  

We shall find out in a few weeks!!!

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2-Apr-11 5:54 am

Congrats and Well done Al for your baby girl!! Baby Bear Girl

In your opinion was the diet, supps or anything else that got you a girl? I am not strict at all on diet its too hard and looking at other ways that maybe will make my dream come true, do you believe in the Jonas Lunar calendar? Did you take B6 or Vitex? Thanks

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2-Apr-11 8:20 am

We found out today at just 13+2 that the baby is a GIRL! 

Wow Congrats on your baby girl Al. That's amazing. Very early to find out. Lucky you didn't have to wait til you were 16 weeks!!! How did you find out so early? Hearts

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