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HELP!!! Ideas for weight lose while BFing

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2-May-06 9:54 am

Thanks girls for all the advice.  I may end up stopping nursing soon :-(  I have had every problem in the book and now cannot get her diapers to stop being green.  I am calling lactation today to try and get more advice.  I just cannot keep pumping every feeding.  With a infant and two year old it's not possible.  I have tons of frozen milk so I think I'll pump two times a day and maybe feed her once a day.  Then I can mix the fozen breast milk with her formula for a few weeks longer.  I am concerned about her not getting enough fat and having lots of gas from the bad poop.  I am so emotional about it because it has been such a battle to be able to feed her. I love nursing her, but it's not fun when she screams during it.  Anyway, I'll let ya'll know what the lactation specialist says today. 

About the weight lose....I started riding the stationary bike yesterday.  I'll keep doing that for a while.  Keep the tips coming!! Thanks.