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I can predict Gender with correct OV date !!

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3-Feb-11 1:41 pm


[quote user="seven:

Can you please check on your chart for my first born boy so I can compare Pray? Lmp was 5th August 2008, OV date was 25th August 2008 and due date was 15th May 2009 but he was born on 18th May 2009. Thank you Kiss

[/quote] showing 25th Aug 2008 ..Boy ..Did you confirmed your second one boy??but chart showing Girl ..pls update


It was confirmed boy, but one the last ultrasound the doctor couldn`t see anything between the legs so I am still hoping for a miracle Pray. Thank you, I will update by the end on the month. Fingers crossed for a baby girl Love Ya!.

Baby Boy 5/09

Baby Boy 3/11

hoping for baby Baby Girl in the future...