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what you eat really matters?

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18-Jan-11 2:03 pm

I might be the exception. I dont drink milk or like dairy products at all. I eat mainly salty foods, meat potatoes etc... and it looks like i am expecting girl #2.

I will say that when i was pregnant with DD 1 was the first time i drank a glass of milk (since i was a child).

I dont even like ice cream- lol.....

I had never heard about swaying til after i found outi was pregnant this time. I am going to do a bunch of research into all this for my next time around- which will be my last. 

I think i am still in shock that it is another girl- since all my life i dreamed of being a mom to just boys. Dont get me wrong i love my daughter to deatha nd wouldnt trade her for the world- and i know i will love this one the same- but my heart aches for a lil boy sooo bad.

Hoping everyone gets there DG!!