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Do you feel more like a "girl's mom" even after you had a son later?

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6-Mar-11 12:37 pm
I never ever hear anti-girl remarks. I am the only person in my family or extended family having boys. I hear tons of anti-boy remarks so I have never had to defend girl things. I grew up hearing anti-boy remarks and anti-men remarks and even my own grandmother, 84 yrs old, looked at my boys recently and commented on "that defective Y chromosome." Needless to say, I am not looking forward to seeing her again. Her lips have gotten too loose with age. The women in our family usually earn more than the men and do quite well in life. No one would ever even think to suggest that a son will take care of me in retirement. If anything, they will suggest that when a son marries, he is gone and will spend all his time with her parents. His children will be closer to her parents. But, a daughter is a daughter for good.