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Vinegar Vs. Lime

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14-Mar-11 11:50 pm

hi girls, fist I hope you get pregnant soon and get your desire gender, I did sway hard, did the diet 100% for 12 weeks before getting my BFP, took suplements and DH too, calcium, magnesiun, cranberry, saw palmetto, and Hr before atempt did 5 mL of store bought vinager douche and after I use replens, I got pregnant on the try out month ( but I always get pregnant fast) and the most important thing you all want to hear is that I'm expecting a girl.  Now I dont know if it was coincidence or luck or swaying for a girl, but if I have the choice again I will do it again, go find the diet posted here in FAQ and get to the TTC forums the girls will help you.  Good luck to you all.

Heartbroken 7wks m/c 2005,Samuel 2007,  Sebastian 2008, Heartbroken 8 wks m/c 2010,   Samirah 2011 My sway worked, Thanks IG for my precious baby girl.

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