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Dr Potter- 5th pregnancy concerns

Daniel Potter

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19-Jan-11 9:15 pm
Hi Dr. Potter, I am currently pregnant with my fourth child (& 4th boy). Although I am happy to be having a healthy baby boy I can't get rid of my desire to have a girl. I read somewhere that after four pregnancies the risk of health problems substantially increases. I just turned 35 years old and have really bad spider and varicose veins from my ankle to my groin with this pregnancy. Should I be concerned about going through another pregnancy and any health risks (to myself)? Thank you in advance for any advice/insight you may be able to provide. Heather
The varicose veins will probably get worse. Regarding the health risks, there is an increased risk for post-partum hemorrhage, gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension but the risks are still small overall if you have had healthy pregnancies in the past.
Dr. Daniel Potter, MD, FACOG Huntington Reproductive Center