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26-Jun-12 9:41 am
I have heard good things about ingenes but I would hope because they want the first cycle to work that they wouldn't put pressure on you to put more back then you want, to up the chances. I really only wanted to put one back myself. I just finished my second cycle at Instituto Vida in Guadlajara with Dr. Ernesto Perez Luna. It is in a very upscale medical community and their care has been amazing. He is fluent in English and very accessible for questions. I have loved my stays in Guadalajara. Look at some of my old posts from December for more detailed information. The cost for MS is 1200$ which I didn't have to pay the second time because I still had two more vials frozen. The IVF that includes all monitoring, procedures, ER, ET, freezing is $4000 plus meds. The second time included all the same but was $3250. I stay in downtown Guadalajara at a place called Las Sabilas that is so peaceful with a truly impressive garden and pool while I'm here that's walking distance to a lot but is a $5-7 cab ride to the clinic. I just did a SET of a hatching blast on day 5 and was able to freeze one. I didn't do PGD for gender this time but last time it was included in the cost. I this time knew I had a good MS sort and didn't want to disrupt the embryos at all. Good luck on finding a spot that works for you. Karma

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First attempt IVF: BFN.

Second attempt BFP!: transferred one hatching blast day sent to freeze. 

9dp5dt beta 214, 11dp5dt beta 615


Both done in Guadalajara MX at Instituto Vida