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14-Jan-11 11:44 am

I have looked through the posts in this section and have not found much information regarding anyone who has been to Mexico for MS. We have two boys and are hoping for a girl.


if anyone has been and has any information they are willing to share i would be very grateful.





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14-Jan-11 4:24 pm


Hi mam77.  I too have been wondering why Mexico doesn't get a much of a mention.  Anyone??

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14-Jan-11 5:38 pm

There is a fertility clinic in LA that has an office in mexico. But on there web site it doesn't talk about doing just MS it talks about MS with PGD

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19-Jan-11 3:24 pm

I did a lot of research before doing Microsort in Mexico City. I first heard about Microsort in Mexico in 2009. At that time I was afraid to get medical treatment in Mexico. My husband and I went to Puerto Vallarta in December 2009 and had a wonderful vacation. I suppose that experience was so positive that we were willing to try Microsort in Mexico.

There are two Microsort labs in Mexico so you will need to decide which one is best for you. Both are owned by Microsort in the United States. You will need to work with a doctor in Mexico and so find out which one you are comfortable with. We actually travelled to both Guadalajara Mexico and Mexico City. Both labs are right next to IVF clinics. We first went to Guadalajara and met with Dr. Ruvalcaba of IMI. He showed us the Microsort lab on the same floor as his clinic. The area was very nice and the building is all medical right next to a hospital.

We then went to Mexico City. I have to tell you that Mexico City is much more crowded and the traffic is horrible. The Microsort lab is in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City. We decided to go with Mexico City because the hotel we stayed at is right next to the building with MicroSort and Ingenes. Ingenes is quite big and they have many doctors. We stayed at the NH hotel. We did two sorts and two IUIs over the course of three days last summer. The total cost was $4000 and we got very, very lucky as I am pregnant now and ultrasound shows a girl!!!! Happy

I know our experience is skewed heavily because we were lucky to have everything work on the first go. All I can say is do your homework and make sure you are comfortable with the clinic. Right now Mexico is the only place where Microsort is available. The Microsort lab people were very friendly and they speak English well.

Here is the link to the location information.


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21-Jan-11 11:40 am

Thanks so much for your email and congratulations on your baby girl!!

I have been in contact with the lab in Guadalajara and we are planning to go in April.

Thanks again.  I appreciate your response.






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21-Jan-11 10:33 pm


 We did two sorts and two IUIs over the course of three days last summer. The total cost was $4000 and we got very, very lucky as I am pregnant now and ultrasound shows a girl!!!! Happy


Wait! You mean you were able to do two sorts in a row in the same IUI cycle?  I don't even think Microsort in the USA offers that option.  Thank you for posting all of your information. You have definitely piqued my interest.

Do you remember who owns the Microsort clinic in Mexico?  Is it GIVF?  When I asked Dr Potter about the Mexican clinic he said it had nothing to do with him. 


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24-Jan-11 12:15 pm

Yes, we were able to do two IUIs in the same cycle. It is up to the doctor and you. Dr. Ruvalcaba in Guadalajara said that there are some studies that showed improved pregnancy rates. That is when we first learned about it. I am not sure if it really helps but since the sort cost was low, we tried it. We asked about it at Ingenes and they were willing to do two IUIs in the same cycle.

The MicroSort labs are owned by GIVF. The Mexico MicroSort doctors and clinics are separate and not owned by GIVF. Last year, the Mexico City MicroSort lab representative said that they might be hiring a doctor to do IUIs only, not IVF. I don't know if they have a doctor now.

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28-Jan-11 10:53 am


If you don't mind me asking, you said that the total was about $4,000 did that included your travel and accomodations or is that strictly for the procedure.  I looked at their website and they have a currency exchange which shows that the procedure costs 13,500 pesos and with the exchange to dollars it was less than $2,000.

Also how was the communication/language barrier with the facility and doctors?

I'm not sure that my husband would go for this as we are already on baby number 3.  My dd wants a little sister so bad!  She overheard us talking about hightech and how expensive it is and she said she would use all her college money just to have a little sister.  We would never do that, but it breaks my heart to hear her say that!  This has definitley sparked my interest.  Thanks for sharing your experience and best of luck to you!

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31-Jan-11 7:15 am

Hi, your story is amazing, and it has made me decide to go on thuis route, as I am only 30 , got pregnant first time of trying every time, three times!!, would you mind answering some of my questions, did you take your children with you, i.e do they let your children into the centre, how old are you?, which clinic did you use? what doctor.? what hotel was it you stayed at?

thank you and you are very lucky!!!

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2-Feb-11 6:51 pm
We are thinking of doing a sort this month in Mexico City and I've been searching for someone who has tried this b/c I have a few questions about the process. I have been talking to Dr. Rivera at Ingenes. Which doctor did you see there? Did you use clomid for your cycle? How did you do two sorts and two IUIs in three days? Is this what they recommended? Dr. Rivera has not recommended this to me. Did you bring your children on the trip? If you didn't, would you have felt safe bringing them there? Thanks!

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3-Feb-11 7:00 am


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3-Feb-11 2:45 pm
Yes. We're doing IUI on day 14.

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3-Feb-11 3:02 pm
blue skies:
Yes. We're doing IUI on day 14.
Are you doing it for a girl or boy ???

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3-Feb-11 8:13 pm
We're trying for a girl.

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4-Feb-11 2:13 pm

Blue skies, are you also staying at the NH Hotel and are you taking your children?

We were planning to go to Guadalajara, though looking at flights and accommodation, Mexico City is a bit easier?

 Are you also doing two sorts?

 I would be interested to hear how it all goes. Good luck!


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