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our baby girl is here

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14-Jan-11 8:30 am

After moaning here that the midwife said the birth is way off and Iam likely to go overdue, our little princess made an appearence the next day, 9 January, one day before her due date! She is my only baby to have made it before the due date, I was amazed. She is absolutely gorgeous, it feels so great to have alittle daughter.

Good luck to those still waiting!!!



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14-Jan-11 9:31 am

Big congrats to you!!! :) Share your birth story when you get the chance!


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14-Jan-11 9:32 am

 Congratulations on your little girl

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14-Jan-11 11:12 am

Congratulations Nini! glad ur LO arrived early for you x i will be holding my LO 2mrow.


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14-Jan-11 12:01 pm
Oh yay! I'm glad she came early for you! Congratulations!! Hearts
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14-Jan-11 12:09 pm

CONGRATS!!! Happy Celebrate

Did you sway for your girl? If you can share it pls?

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15-Jan-11 6:08 am

congrats hun! she's going to be a bossy one isn't she the midwife said she will be overdue and she went i'll show you! lol

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15-Jan-11 6:10 am


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Moving on...



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18-Jan-11 12:02 pm

Nini....So happy for you! Congratulations!

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27-Jan-11 7:02 am


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29-Jan-11 9:30 am

Thanks for all the lovely replies. I have been "trying" to reply to all of your posts as well, but keep gettnig error messages, which is really annoying esp. after writing a long post :( Anyway, I hope all of you are enjoying their babies, I think most have arrived at this stage. I feel really sad that we are moving on now, it was such a journey we shared, the swaying, the nub shots, the anxiety. I am thrilled to have my baby girl, forgotten is the stress of actually getting here, the fear before the gender scan etc. All I can think of is I would LOVE to have another little girl, but currently could not imagine having another boy, so obviously I am not ready for another baby very soon :(

 Hope you guys are happy!!!!


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