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Breast-feeding Question

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28-Apr-06 7:09 am
My baby's 9 days old today.  Up through day 7 I was producing plenty of milk--even felt too full at times.  Then, yesterday, it's like it all stopped.  My boobs went kinda limp.  I barely had enough to get by yesterday...came really close to having to get some formula out.  Now, today, I woke up and it's the same thing...kinda limp.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there something I need to be doing?  Am I not eating enough?  This happened with my last baby, but not until he was 7 weeks old.  I can't believe it's happening this time after only a week!  I really wanted to nurse her longer than this.  Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!  Jill

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28-Apr-06 9:12 am
Jill, I'm in the same boat.  I have to always keep an eye on my milk supply.  With my son I had to supplement him quite a bit and this time I was determined to get on top of the problem.  For me it meant having to pump quite a lot during the first few weeks to really establish my supply.  My DD had jaundice and her sucking alone didn't stimulate enough.  Also, I have very lazy babies who like to sleep a lot on my breast.  Is your baby a good nurser?  You may need to pump a little.  Although I know that some people don't feel full when they have enough milk.  You could also call your hospital and talk to a lactation specialist.  I have had to call one this week because of my DD's green poo.  She has been really helpful.  Hang in there.  I am so glad that I made it thru those first few weeks.  WE've made it 9 weeks so far!!!  That is huge for me.  Let us know what you find out.  I'm sure Roxanne may have some good advice!

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28-Apr-06 7:03 pm
Ok, I'm the queen of milk here lately, and I think Graysmommy is exactly on the right track! You should pump as much as you could be that your baby is just not a vigorous sucker! Also, you should make sure you are eating enough calories & staying hydrated.  Do you have an electric pump? It might be helpful if you rent one if you do not...just until your supply gets established.  When you pump you should think baby telling yourself that you are feeding her while you pump and massage your breast where you feel any try to get the milk there to let down.  I think calling a Lactation consultant in your local la lache group might be a great idea too! (If you do, let us know what they say...that is always good information to have!) I'd loan ya a boob if I could! Best of luck.

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28-Apr-06 10:25 pm

With my two boys I actually made too much milk and my consultant had me one side feed for several feedings and that diminished my supply a lot. It went too far down and I had to find a way to get it back. Like the others said, the high end pump works great. If you can get ahold of a hospital grade one to rent I suggest it. Also the herb "fenugreek" worked wonderfully for me and several friends of mine. It's widely used and been proven safe for breastfeeding. In fast it's almost exclusively taken by mothers trying to increase there supply. Another herb is some kind of marshmellow root or something of the sort. Ask your consultant about it.

Has your baby been gaining proper weight?  That would show if the baby just isn't latching on right in order to stimulate. They can still get a bit of milk but it won't be the right stimulation for your supply. 

Also, let her use you as a pacifier, that will get in some extra stimulation you make be lacking.



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29-Apr-06 8:38 am

What you are describing happened to me at 7 days with my second, and at 6 weeks with my first.  I was very bothered by this and felt I was losing my supply.  Don't give up.   I panicked and booked myself in to see a lactation consultant who reassured me that my milk had settled a lot quicker with my second.  She happened to mention in passing the importance of drinking enough fluid, which I thought I was, but I decided to make it my business.  Boy did I drink.  Any time I thought of it I just stood at the sink and drank a glass of water.  This for me was the answer, combined with some extra pumping for a week.  I carried on to feed until 12 months, and as long as I kept that drinking going I had enough for him.  I really wish I had known this with my first as I really only just kept him going.  Obviously you also need to keep and eye on the wet nappies and weight for a true indicator, but just try the extra fluid and see if it works for you.  I really hope you get it sorted as I know how distressing it is to want to feed, and to just feel like you don't have enough - especially those middle of the night feedings when you feel all alone.

Take Care

Mel ( mother of 2 boys) and ?

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29-Apr-06 2:13 pm
Thank you SO much everyone for all the input.  Yesterday, I pumped, ate like a horse and drank, drank, drank and today my milk is back.  It's going to be a challenge to force-feed myself like that, but I think I'd like to try for at least a couple more weeks.  I'm so grateful to have all you girls to ask stuff like this to!  Jill

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29-Apr-06 8:18 pm
Glad your milk is back!  After I read your post I was going to reply that for me the solution to almost every bfing problem was an industrial strength breast pump.  Too hard, too soft, too much, not enough, pump pump pump!  The wimpy hand or battery-operated pumps just do not do it, I bought one of those big Medelas (>$200 if I recall) and used it with 4 babies. 
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