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It's a....

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10-Jan-11 2:38 pm

I pop in here now and then, but I haven't been active here.  I know I was ttc with most of you, so wanted to update you.  With this baby, I didn't sway the second month, the month the baby was conceived.  I did not get pg the first month swaying and got a terrible yeast infection.  In the end, I decided I would rather have a baby than a specific gender.  In the end, I got my 4th boy ha!  I am actually quite excited and can't wait to meet this little one.  :-)

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10-Jan-11 2:52 pm

Baby boys Rock!!  Congrats sweetie!!Happy Celebrate

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10-Jan-11 6:18 pm

congrats on your beautiful baby Baby Bear Boy

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10-Jan-11 7:10 pm
Congrats on your baby boy!
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10-Jan-11 7:11 pm


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10-Jan-11 7:12 pm

 Congrats!! Happy Celebrate

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10-Jan-11 7:22 pm

Congrats! Baby Bear Boy

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10-Jan-11 7:50 pm

 Congrats! Baby Bear Boy

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11-Jan-11 6:18 am

 Thanks everyone! I am so happy I know now, it was killing me lol!  Hubby really wanted a girl, but I know he will love this boy just as much :-)

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11-Jan-11 1:23 pm

 Congrats on your little boy!!!  CONGRATS!

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11-Jan-11 5:36 pm

Congrats on your lil boy!  We are expecting boy #3 after swaying for a girl, but I truly believe God gives us what we needHeart


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11-Jan-11 9:19 pm

Congrats on your baby boy

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12-Jan-11 6:04 am

 Thanks everyone!  I still love to say mary, mom to 4 boys! Wow! At least I will have boys to take care of the lawn, trash etc. ha

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14-Jan-11 10:34 am


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