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How is everyone feeling?


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8-Jan-11 9:56 am

 I am in my 17th week and I am still puking daily. I still haven't gained any weight, but I am not losing either, so I am not worried at this point.

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8-Jan-11 10:27 am

 I'm feeling much better now, it's been a few weeks. Although I still throw up and feel nauseous every now and then. I've definately gained weight, I was so hungery before the morning sickness hit. Gained a good amount right away then lost some when I was sick. Up 8lbs already Doh!

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8-Jan-11 10:42 pm
I'm in my 16th week. I haven't been throwing up quite so much... 3-4 times a day. Nausea isn't quite so bad now that I'm on THREE different drugs and daily hydration. I'm down 15 pounds, but haven't lost any weight in almost 2 weeks. Though, I'm still so exhausted every day. I'm beginning to think this is going to be the story of this pregnancy.

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8-Jan-11 10:51 pm

 I've got you ladies beat by a long shot! I'm up 14 lbs at 16 weeks. Happy LMAO But it's no big deal- this is my fourth pregnancy and this is very normal for me. I gain the bulk of my weight in the beginning and not much in the end, never going over a total of 32ish lbs. I'm typically a small girl that doesn't have a huge appetite, but when I'm pregnant, it kicks into overdrive and my body stores up every bit of that fat as it can!

 Other than weight gain, I'm feeling alright physically. Mentally, however, this pregnancy has been HARD. I have had the worst time with my temper, being impatient, and serious lack of motivation to do nearly anything at all. That's been the the most difficult for me. I didn't have this during my last two pregnancies, so I feel very out of whack in that manner. No fun!

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9-Jan-11 12:14 am

I am feeling pretty great after my last pregnancies of throwing up daily for 7mnths straight it has been a great releif to not be sick at all.The only thing atm is the tiredness but that's to be acspected .

Sorry to all the ladies still getting sick i feel for you i know all too well how horrible it is how you feel better soonHearts


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