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Is it possible to ovulate twice in one cycle?

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30-Dec-10 4:28 pm

I'm wondering if this is possible.  I'm still BF and just had AF return earlier this month (Dec 7th).  I have been charting temps and using an ovulation microscope.  On CD 13 I had the temp drop, ferning on the microscope, temp rise on CD 14 (still ferning on the microscope) as well as spotting for 3 days CD 13-15.  Then just last night (CD 22!) I had pains like O pains and when I took my temp this morning it dropped again (slightly lower than on CD 13).  I pulled out the microscope again (I had put it away for this month thinking I had already O'd) and I see the ferning pattern again.  What?  Is this possible or do you think things are just still really messed up due to BF? 

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