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How is everyone doing?

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30-Dec-10 11:30 am

Just came on here checking to see how everyone is doing with their new little ones. Our little ones are already 2 months old, I can't believe it. Colton is getting big he's almost 12 pounds and is a very happy baby. He even falls asleep at night by himself and sleeps for like 6 hours!!! He is my best one out  of all of them. I am so in love and so are all the kids. Though my 3 year old tries to feed him things we have to keep a close eye on her. I'll start this out with a picture of Colton now. I would love to see how big all the other October babies are getting. Congrats again and enjoy! 

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Baby Bear Girl-10/03 Baby Bear Boy-10/05 Baby Bear Girl-11/07 and finally Baby Bear Boy 10/26/10.... my family is complete!

 I love my kids no matter how much they drive me insane...