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Give us some updates!!

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9-Jun-12 9:11 am

xvicky.... that smiiille!! Imogen sure can get away with anything with that smile Happy  LOL. Mia has a great time making her brothers mad....she loves to take their toys and fights with them for their PSP...tries to steal my cell phone, and will take off running when she is caught!! Yelling "Nooooooo!!!!!" all around the house Surprise. They dont mistreat their little sister cause she's a girl but their patience is wearing pretty thin . lol. We have an awesome time. Can't believe 2 is right around the block.

Baby Boy-2004 Baby Boy-2007 Heartbroken-2009 Baby Girl-8/5/2010Love Ya!

Mia Hearts made an early appearance on 8/5/2010 by emergent C-section and has overwhelmed us with her presence. I am in love for a 4th time Love Ya!. Thank you GOD.