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Give us some updates!!

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23-Jul-11 3:50 pm

Ahh Thankyou! Little Mia is beautiful too!  She get's more beautiful with every picture you post! It's lovely to hear that her brothers love her so much! I wish i could say the same about DD1! Your also very lucky that she has a good nap in the afternoon! Imogen sleeps for 2 hours in the morning then gets tired around 2pm but she wont nap and is so grumpy untill bed time!

Imogen is so close to walking, im just waiting for her to let go of whatever she is using to keep herself up and walk!! She took 2 steps from the sofa to her walk along toy yesterday but nothing since! She loves to hold my hands and walk around and if i let go or sit her down she screams until i hold her hands again!

She isn't really saying much, DD1 was saying loads at this point like mama, dada, all gone, tata, and animal noises but imogen just babbles and says dada and tata! She has her 1 year check next friday, the phone call was very strange... hearing someone say to you 'hello i've phoned to book Imogens 1 years check' 1 year... argh!!! Anyway here's my little beauty doing her cheeky face that i adore!!

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