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[quote user="wantalittleman:

It does look like you O'ed on CD12, but I am also curious to all the open circles. Did you discard those temps for some reason? Are you temping vaginally? You could have also O'ed between CD12 and CD13. As far as the OPK's go, remember that when you finally see a +, the LH surge has already been in your system for at least 5 hours, so you have to calculate that into your ovulation timing. I would not worry too much, just keep up your BSF. And, girls have been conceived on O day and boys on O+12. Timing is the least important of all the sway factors, so if you had 6 other great factors, you are probably in really good shape.


I have no idea why so many open circles I've entered every temp the same, never discarded.  I'm temping orally.  Even if the surge started 5ish hours before + that still only puts our attempt 18hrs after it began, worst case scenario 24 hrs after. I though you o'd 24-48 hrs after the surge was detected? Here's hoping I o'd over night on cd12 early morning cd13. PrayPrayPray The rest of my sway is pretty solid but it seems like there's always one factor that I find myself obsessing over Embarrassed



I obsessed forever about my sway. LOL. Since you are temping orally, your temps might be off just enough for fertility friend to think you O'ed earlier than you did. If you don't get a BFP this cycle, try temping vaginally next cycle. Your temps will be much more accurate that way and might help with pinpointing ovulation a little easier. You do usually O 24-36 hours after LH has been detected. LH is already in the bloodstream 5 hours before it can be detected on an OPK, but it would just depend on when the LH surge hit and when you tested. So, for example, if you tested at 10a.m. and got a +, your LH surge could have hit as early as or as late as the last time you tested prior to 10a.m.. I hope I am not making this too confusing. My theory was always DTD 12 hours after we got a +OPK, so I would be before O, hopefully, and not after. But, with all that said, really, I think timing is not as important. Plus, I would even go so far as to say that limiting BD to 1 time when TTC a boy is more important than timing per say. When we were TTC a boy for our 3rd baby (shettles opposite..LOL). We DTD every other day, so don't know if that played a role in our girl or not. This time, we only DTD one time. We didn't even DTD again until we had a BFP just to be sure. Sex for thought Happy ROFL

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