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PeachyKeen's Blue Sway - It's a Boy!

Don't stop believing

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23-Dec-10 4:13 pm
NAME PeachyKeen
Gender Resulted Boy
Swaying Attempt - Natural, EGS (TBM, SU, GDC, MSU), High Tech (IUI, IUI/MS), details? EGS - MSU
CM pH Naturally 6-7 and 8 with BSF
DH pH 9
Baking soda douche NO
Baking soda on finger on attempt or week before Yes
How did you use Pre-seed, and what was its PH? NO
Egg whites used/type/pH Yes ph9
Big O Yes(once before and after IC put in)
Calcium I did TW so wasn't monitoring
Magnesium I did TW so wasn't monitoring
Potassium COT 4x daily, diet included lots of potassium rich foods
Sodium BSD 4xdaily, diet was very high in salt and added sea salt to everything
DH minerals He tried to eat more meat/tomato & potato based foods
Dietary Changes Followed the TW theory, ate more calories than usual; eliminated processed, sugary and refined foods; ate lots of good quality whole grains, fruit & veg, meat; no caffeine; meals were based on IG diet foods (tomatoes, potatoes, meat)
Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long? Yes for 3 days
DH caffeine consumption before BD day Drinks coffee daily
DH caffeine 1/2 hour or an hour before BD Yes
Drinks BSD, COT, V8
Supplements TT
Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) No
Robitussin/Guafanesin tablets 2x2tsp daily af-o
Alka Seltzer Gold no
Green Tea no
Fertile-CM no
False Unicorn no
E 400iu daily
Fish Oil 1000mg daily
Folic Acid 2000mcg daily
Flaxseed Oil Was taken daily for 5 weeks daily but then stopped as I took soy isoflavones
Alfalfa No
Drinks BSD, COT, V8, lemon water
Others Vit B12 , zinc 2 days leading up to sway
DH supps Vit E, Fish oil, Gingseng, Zinc, L-Arginine, vit b12
Length of DH abstinence 5 Days
BD on O Yes i'm convinced i o'ed on the 8th but FF seems to think i did on the 9th
How close to O I think up to 9 hrs but it may have been up to 36hrs
BD how often DH released (without BDing) CD10, CD13, CD18
Charting O with Temp Yes
Charting O with OPK Yes
Fertility monitor used/type n/a
suspected O date CD 19 - 8th December 2010
Oed in what moon phase New Moon (Waxing)
Changed ions in other ways? Winter sway, Freezing cold air before snow, TV constantly on, extra hours on PC and laptop, phone in my pocket and at bedside every night, dusting to get settled +ions from room, cars fumes at peak traffic times, florescent lights, tried to avoid -ions as much as possible.
How many kids do you have? 2
What gender(s)? Girls
# of months TTC 1
Your Age 25
BD position IC cup used (sat up straight once inserted)
EWCM present/how much? Yes lots
DH undies type Boxer briefs
Did you use instead cups/how long? Yes we did MSU/TBM, sat up straight for 2 hours then slept for another 5 with IC in
DH cold bath/ shower or ice Cold shower
OWT - anything under bed? Yes a little blue baby hat I knitted

I used soy isoflavones from CD3-7, even though I o naturally I was trying to bring Ov day forward as I was having short luteal phases. I also o'd everyday from end of af to ov, and used no nail polish or aerosol products for 10 weeks. This was definitely a boy temp cycle as my pre-o temps were the lowest average of all my temps over 6 cycles.

My FF chart from my sway

Baby Bear Girl2007 Baby Bear Girl 2008  Baby Bear Boy2011

 Link to my successful Trivers Willard Diet & EGS boy sway:

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