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I would love this to just all go away.

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23-Dec-10 12:18 am

It's such a horrible time of year to have GD. My husband says I'm on his last nerve. He doesn't get GD at all but he is at least on board for one more try for a daughter. I don't want my sons to notice either. I feel lost that my tomboy sister in law is going to get to do all the feminine things that I feel like I should get to do. It really brought back my GD to the level I was when I was pregnant with my third son. I want a little mommy's girl so bad, but I'm not sure if now is the time. I just want to know that she is going to be here at some point some day. My husband is in the military and we literally got stationed not even an hour from a Microsort facility, only to find out they have suspended Microsort for the time being. What a cruel joke. I thought moving here was a sign. It's really hard to come to terms with the thought that this may just not happen. I'm sure everyone can relate. But either way, I hope everyone has a good GD free holiday. We all deserve that much.

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23-Dec-10 2:02 am

I hear you.  I just went to a christmas party at my friends house who recently had a girl after two boys.  Her dd was dressed in a super cute holiday dress and everyone was all over her.  I wanted to barf.  No offense to the baby, I was just having a hard time watching.

I hope you have a really great holiday and enjoy your sweet little boys.  Try not to think about gender. :)

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24-Dec-10 9:21 am

Hi Roxy. The only thing I can say is at LEAST hubby is going to try again. Just make sure you're at a place to accept a little boy (if need be). I'm sorry about your luck :( Is there anway to go hi-tech in the near future?

Oh and cute baby pic by the way :)

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24-Dec-10 12:47 pm

 that sucks! i feel your pain. it's bad enough when friends have baby girls, but when family does it really is tough. my SIL just had a baby boy the other day so now she has the perfect PP. Doh! i hate that i have to go visit now at this time of year and i really hate all of my DH's family drooling over my niece (the only girl). sometimes i think the holidays can be worst of times (even though they are supposed to be the best of times). you have to be around others and people always say the darnest things. then it's also a marker. at least for me it is. last year at this time i was in the same place, here on this gender board. i had just had my 2nd son the week before christmas. for me that's the hardest bc i feel like i haven't made any "progress" emotionally. were just staying home for christmas, that helps take some of the pressure off me. hopefully we all are in a better place next year with our gender desire!  

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