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Desperate help with ovacue and OPK's

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22-Dec-10 6:54 pm

Hello everyone,

I am trying to conceive my 2nd child and am using the Ovacue and Clearblue EAsy OPK's.  I received an "ovulation confirmed" from the Ovacue on CD11 but no positive OPK until today, CD14. My question is which to believe? Should I keep BDing or is it moot at this point? I also use BBT and have not had a temp shift yet (today I had a fever though). Here are my ovacue readings.

 CD1 O= 175

CD2 O = 198

CD3 O = 182

CD4 O = 150

CD5 O = 195

CD6 O = 129

CD7 O = 153 "max fertility day 12"

CD8 O = 208

CD9 O = 222    V = 381 started OPKs - negative

CD10 O = 183   V = 332 OPK negative

CD11 O = 157   V = 398 "ovulation confirmed max fertility day 11-12 OPK NEGATIVE

CD12 O = 140   V = 383 "ovulation confirmed max fertility day 12-12 OPK NEGATIVE

CD13 O = 155   V = 390 "ovulation confirmed max fertility day 11-12 OPK NEGATIVE

I did contact Lynn at Zetek and she told me the following:

It is not uncommon for the BBT to be later in shifting after ovulation.  It is also not uncommon for a LH strip to be late as well.  It is possible that it could have been missed.  It does appear from your readings that you did have a trend downward and a spike in vaginal readings which have then stayed high.  This, as I mentioned before tells us that you are progesterone dominant therefore ovulation would have already occurred.  I would feel safe to say that the OvaCue has given good information.

I am asking here because of the expertise here and want a "second opinion". I appreciate any help.




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