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Are you dialated or effaced??

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26-Dec-10 9:58 am

My cervix was ripe, thin and 1 cm open 10 days ago. My midwife said that this doesnt mean anything since I am a 3rd time mum - baby could arrive anytime or I could go overdue by 10 days. Since I went long overdue with both boys, I try not to hold out much hope of having her anytime soon, although I must say that I feel strange .... I am 38 weeks tomorrow....

The same midwife delivered ds number 2 and she said that the baby is in a better position than ds was a week after his due date, so I am hoping for an easier, quicker labour (first son took 24 hours, 2nd 12 hours with a really hard pushing stage since ds head was really far up...) This gives me hope even if I go overdue.