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Are you dialated or effaced??

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25-Dec-10 3:24 pm

 Great thread!  two weeks ago at my 34 week check-up i was 1 cm and 50% effaced.  i go back this monday for my 36 week check-up and REALLY hoping to see more dilation/effacement.  i started my red raspberry leaf tea a week ago, 4 bags a day, and i used it with both my boys too.  i definitely think it helps make labor go smoother (tones the uterus) but don't think it helped them come any earlier.  hoping it does this time:)  but that is all i am doing besides increased sex, which is hard, because i DON"T WANT SEX AT ALL!!  lol, poor DH.  i'm always telling him "hurry, make it quick", hahahahaha!!!  

i cannot believe that we are already here!  i officially have only 3 and a half weeks left til my inducement, if she decides to wait that long.  hoping not.  but if she does, thats ok too.  

i had a scare yesterday, i took a unisom to sleep through all my pain (hip/sciatica and pubic symphosis pain) and i have taken it randemly throughout this pg, but THIS time she was completely lifeless for over 10 hours.  NO movement from about 7pm to 7am the next morning, which is not like her at ALL.  i freaked out, crying, thinking something was wrong.  i could feel her in my belly but when i poked/prodded her she wouldn't even budge.  usually she is so responsive.  anyway, i went in for an NST and all was fine.  i think the unisom made her very sleepy... so i am not ever taking it again.  i will just suffer the pain and no sleep because it just isn't worth itSad worrying over my little girl was horrible.  i do think though that she has grown alot in the past week.  anyone else feeling their babies in a growth spurt?

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