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Are you dialated or effaced??

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22-Dec-10 4:40 pm

So alot of us are getting checked weekly. I thought it would be fun to tell if were dialated or effaced. How much ect. We could also get some predictions going. Also we could give suggestions to eachother on how to ripen cervix. Or to induce labor ect.

I guess I'm a little anxious and need something to pass the time. Doh!

AFM- Went to the Dr. today. I'm dialated to a 2 but still really thick. The Dr is going to do a sweep next week. I REALLY don't think it'll work. I've had to be induced with nearly all my babies. I would like to have her in December to eleviate some of the financial burden on DH. But if it doesn't happen I don't mind waiting until after my due date.

I was thinking about going to the health food store for some Primrose oil. We'll see if I have the energy :)

I hope you all are doing well. That your not TOO uncomfortable. And that we will all be seeing our healthy LO's very soon :)

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22-Dec-10 5:56 pm

At my last appt (last week) I was still "thick and high", but I am hoping I get better news at my appr tomorrow! I too want my baby born in December, so I'm praying for some progress!! 

My Dr did the sweep with my last baby. . .on the 3rd try, my water broke like 20 minutes later. . .So hopefully it works for you this time!!!

I've been doing some stair running LoL, heard it was a good way to push the baby down. . .Don't know if it's been doing anything, but I have noticed more mucous (sorry! lol)

I was also wondering if anyone knew if my hubby's semen would still work to ripen my cervix now that he has had a vasectomy?? LoL. . .

But other than the stair climbing, and sex, I would love to hear more suggestions to ripen my cervix as well!! What does primrose oil do?

Well good luck to you crystalb, and everyone else that's getting anxious to get their babies out!!! I must say I am uuber jealous of the 2 mamas that had their babies already!!!


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22-Dec-10 6:13 pm

 I am due jan 4 but having a repeat c-section 12-29. She did check me last week and said I was dialated 1. My blood pressure has been high the last 2 days so afraid she will have to take him early. I am doing a 24 hr urine collection today. If it comes back bad she said she will take him on Friday. I don't want his b-day to be on Christmas Eve YUCK!!

To induce--everyone and everything has told me not to take the fenugreek before delivery because it causes uterine contractions. Maybe that would work. IDK though maybe  its not safe. ???

Good luck. Have a lot of sex, w/ extra nipple stimulation and walk, walk, walk! Castor oil, spicy foods. We have all heard them all I am sure. 

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22-Dec-10 7:26 pm
I just had my first weekly appointment and the doctor said I was 1cm, but cervix was still thick. Good news is she was head down and everything looked good. I wasn't expecting much since this is my first and I'm only 36 weeks. My mom was never dialated at any of her weekly appointments and she had 4 children - I think she was more excited than I was. Good Luck to all - it's exciting that we are getting close!
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22-Dec-10 7:39 pm
Midwives don't do internal exams during appointments over here, but I checked myself & I'd guess I'm 2-3cm & slightly effaced. I can easily fit 2 fingers in there & feel his head, but that doesn't mean much.. I remember being dilated like this for weeks with DD2. I don't think I'll be going into labour before 39 weeks (I was 39+5 with DD2).

Evening primrose oil is supposed to soften the cervix because of the prostaglandins it contains, so it does the same job as semen (although semen contains a lot more prostaglandins!). I took EPO capsules & occasionally inserted them vaginally from 36 weeks onwards with my last pregnancy but I don't know if it helped at all. I'm not going to bother this time.. too much hassle!
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22-Dec-10 7:48 pm
Hey ladies! I had my appointment last week. I was 25% effaced. This being my first baby I don't know what will be my story. But I am using Evening Primrose Oil. I take two pills orally during the day, and at night I poke a hole in a pill and insert it vaginally. She said my cervix was ripening so yay! We'll see on monday if the vaginal insert is working, that's new. But I heard it's great for ripening the cervix. After christmas I'll start the Red Raspberry Leaf (RRL) tea. That's supposed to be good to start the contractions and what not. So those are the two things I'm working on. Since I measured big at my last appointment, I have an u/s on the 3rd. To see how big this kid really is!

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22-Dec-10 8:14 pm
Great thread to keep us busy!! I had my appt on Monday and was 1cm dilated and 25% effaced. My doctor said she is low as she can be and he thinks she is so low that she is seperating my pelvic bone! He said it would grow back to normal after delivery. I sure hope so!! When I get up in the middle of the night, I hurt so bad I can hardly walk to the toilet! My c section is 12 days away! I wonder if she will come before that? Oh, is Evening Primrose Oil dangerous? Has anyones doctor told them it's okay to use? Just curious before I consider it. :)
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22-Dec-10 8:43 pm

I went and got some EPO today. I forgot to ask my Dr. if it was ok to take. I'll call tomorrow.

Blessedwithfour- I don't think it matters about the V. I think his semen will still do the job. I also heard to prop hips to  help semen stay close to the cervix for awhile.

This thread is getting me SO excited. I can't believe how close some of you are.  :)

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23-Dec-10 4:59 am

Oh I wish they did internals here... but they dont (unless something is wrong!) I have no idea if I am effaced or dilated. Hmmmm the waiting.... I have c-section booked for 2 weeks (I'll be 38 weeks) but both my DS's didnt make it to 38 weeks... so we will see what happens in the next 14 days. Right now I am sitting tight hoping that we can get through xmas day without a birth cos I really dont want that for my DD's birthday...YUCK Embarrassed

With both my DS's I spent the day in the garden, lots of bending over, up and down, pulling weeds and mulching and bang both times I went into labour that evening... so thats my tip on how to get things rolling! Happy Wink

I am so excited that we are all getting sooooo close now! Yay.... I cant wait to hear the birth stories and see all the pics Hearts

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23-Dec-10 9:57 am

Was checked on Tuesday and Nothing but thick and High!! UGH!! 

I am trying the primerose and dancing and walking when pelvic is not giving me problems. I have that pelvic separation too. Can't really have sex kind of hurts done there.

I started getting constant contractions this morning and they were getting painful but then they completely stoped. AAAHHHH!

I wanted to have her sooner b/c she is so big!! I have a C section scheduled in 2 weeks and 5 days. My DS came at 38 weeks so I guess we will see what happens.

Good Luck ladies!!

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23-Dec-10 11:15 am

It's so exciting, I always get a little preview of what is to come on this board, since I'm not due till the end of the month. :) 

I haven't been checked for dilation yet because I'm only 34 1/2 weeks so I'm still at the biweekly appointments stage.  I don't even know if this OB will check me at all.  My first OB with DS#1 never did any internal exams - her policy.  My second OB with DS#2 started checking at 38 weeks.  No idea what policy this guy has, as it's a different OB again.  I know I need to get that Strep B swap at my next appointment though, and I'm hoping it comes back negative (was negative with DS#1 and positive with DS#2).

I can't wait to see who has their baby next!  Good luck ladies, and keep us posted. Happy Smile 



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23-Dec-10 12:55 pm

37 weeks: 1-2cm dilated and 60% effaced :)


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25-Dec-10 3:24 pm

 Great thread!  two weeks ago at my 34 week check-up i was 1 cm and 50% effaced.  i go back this monday for my 36 week check-up and REALLY hoping to see more dilation/effacement.  i started my red raspberry leaf tea a week ago, 4 bags a day, and i used it with both my boys too.  i definitely think it helps make labor go smoother (tones the uterus) but don't think it helped them come any earlier.  hoping it does this time:)  but that is all i am doing besides increased sex, which is hard, because i DON"T WANT SEX AT ALL!!  lol, poor DH.  i'm always telling him "hurry, make it quick", hahahahaha!!!  

i cannot believe that we are already here!  i officially have only 3 and a half weeks left til my inducement, if she decides to wait that long.  hoping not.  but if she does, thats ok too.  

i had a scare yesterday, i took a unisom to sleep through all my pain (hip/sciatica and pubic symphosis pain) and i have taken it randemly throughout this pg, but THIS time she was completely lifeless for over 10 hours.  NO movement from about 7pm to 7am the next morning, which is not like her at ALL.  i freaked out, crying, thinking something was wrong.  i could feel her in my belly but when i poked/prodded her she wouldn't even budge.  usually she is so responsive.  anyway, i went in for an NST and all was fine.  i think the unisom made her very sleepy... so i am not ever taking it again.  i will just suffer the pain and no sleep because it just isn't worth itSad worrying over my little girl was horrible.  i do think though that she has grown alot in the past week.  anyone else feeling their babies in a growth spurt?

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26-Dec-10 9:58 am

My cervix was ripe, thin and 1 cm open 10 days ago. My midwife said that this doesnt mean anything since I am a 3rd time mum - baby could arrive anytime or I could go overdue by 10 days. Since I went long overdue with both boys, I try not to hold out much hope of having her anytime soon, although I must say that I feel strange .... I am 38 weeks tomorrow....

The same midwife delivered ds number 2 and she said that the baby is in a better position than ds was a week after his due date, so I am hoping for an easier, quicker labour (first son took 24 hours, 2nd 12 hours with a really hard pushing stage since ds head was really far up...) This gives me hope even if I go overdue.


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27-Dec-10 9:58 am

i am still 1 cm but now i am 80% effaced.  i have been reading that effacement means more than dilation, and that the more effaced you are the closer you are to labor, and the faster you'll dilate.  i am almost completely effaced so... i sure hope it means something good!! 

i think the rasp. red leaf tea is workingHappy Wink

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