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TTC Boy in 2011 ( Jan - April )


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31-Jan-11 10:12 pm

Ladies I'm having an issue. The past two cycles I've had (seem to be) anovulatory. Last month, I only got HIGH on my CBEFM, no peak but I did have a LH surge on my OPK. This month, I am on CD 16 and no LH surge in sight, all LOWS on CBEFM, although I did have one day of EWCM.

I have never had an issue ovulating and my cycles are very regular at every 27-29 days and I used to ovulate around day 13-15, I always have gotten an LH surge before O....I even had O pains.

I am wondering if any of the supplements I am taking are causing this problem....?

I'm taking:
folic acid
green tea
b-complex vitamins
vitamin E

Any advice???  something tells me its the Fertilitea....

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