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PH Levels - TTC Girl

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19-Dec-10 3:05 pm

I am finding it really difficult to get my PH down as low as 4-4.5 as well as finding it really hard to get enough CM to be able to test even using a moon cup (diva cup).  I am doing the girl diet 100%, taking all the supplements, drinking crystal light and also using fake sugar - I am starting to despair now - does anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much

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20-Dec-10 2:18 am
Have you tried diet sodas, diet coke, stuff like that? You can try any fizzy drink ( coke, pepsi,.....) as well. They are extremly acidic (pH of Coke is 2) and diet fizzy drinks are containing aspartam which sways pink by itself. I used to drink at least 3 large glasses of Coke every day and my pH was 4. I have 2 girls.

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20-Dec-10 4:39 am
I haven't tried fizzy drinks as didn't think allowed - can we have them then?

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20-Dec-10 6:11 am


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