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These Monkeys are driving me nuts!


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17-Dec-10 9:46 pm

Anyone else having a difficult time viewing threads on here because of the monkeys????????? Uggh wished there was  something we could do.Sad

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18-Dec-10 5:08 am

Another monkey hater here.  I wish they would just fix it...

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18-Dec-10 5:17 am
It is so annoying!! I can't even get on half the time. It's become so quiet since it's got so bad swell, people are giving up and joining other sites!! I hope they fix it soon, coz I love this site and have met such wonderful people on it!!

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18-Dec-10 6:21 am
It's a shame such a great site. Easy to use and great content. I have my ig email in sig should this site shut down and some of us choose to stay in touch. I don't think it will but I also would never think such a popular site would go unmaintained either?
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18-Dec-10 9:40 am

I agree!  It makes me so sad (and mad)!  I can't even imagine how many new people are turned away by the monkeys!


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18-Dec-10 2:40 pm

 Argh- just got the damn monkeys trying to respond to this one!  I was saying that I have limited time these days to check in here with the season and since I get the monkeys so often, I don't always post!!

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18-Dec-10 3:02 pm

One of the IG ladies set up a new site.  A lot of the IG members are moving over there and most are keeping the same IG user name, so its like seeing familiar faces.  I am as sad as anybody to see the state of IG now-a-days.  I have been apart of this site for many years, but I am reaching my limit.  Anyway, I hope to see you at the new site:



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